Elysium Lost is now available globally on iOS and Android

Elysium Lost, a medieval fantasy MMORPG, launches globally on both iOS and Android. Today, 9Splay Entertainment Technology released its latest mobile MMORPG, Elysium Lost, on both App Store and Google Play. The game is available globally for immediate download.


Centuries have passed since the demons summoned by Halmis, the God of Damnation, were sealed away by the other Gods and their Apostles. The seals, however, gradually weakened as the years passed. Turmoil brewed as Soames, a descendant of the Apostles, betrayed his calling… The world is on the brink of another war between Descendants of the Gods and the demons…

Players can experience Elysium Lost as a Descendant of the Gods, embarking on an epic adventure consisting of legendary narratives and thrilling gameplay. Step into a medieval fantasy world filled with mystical quests and challenges. Weave your own legend!


Elysium Lost boasts gorgeous graphics, as well as exhilarating challenges and competitive events. The game also features a dual-talent system, which allows players to switch freely between different builds and create various playstyles based on their preferences.

Game Features:
  • Enjoy different playstyles with the dual-talent system!
  • Create countless dynamic skill combos to defeat your enemies!
  • Indulge in action-packed, thrilling gameplay with incredible graphics!
  • Participate in a wide range of cross-server events and challenges!
  • Join players from all servers to compete for bountiful rewards!
  • Collect a plethora of pets and mounts!
  • Test your skills and claim your victory in Territory War!

About 9Splay Entertainment Technology Co., LTD.

9Splay is founded in November 2013. With mobile game developing and operating as its main focus. In the meantime, bringing social media platforms together to diversify its mobile app services. In the future 9Splay will expand its overseas business and marketing actively with the vision of becoming world's leading mobile app company.

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