Em "Kaisaya" Dangla Speaks Out Followed by the Philippines Esports Community Condemning Harassment

First things first, the flaws of the Esports community are now being exposed and we want to let everyone know we fully support any initiative to prevent these kinds of corrupted acts. We'll revolve around the story of the multi-talented Esports personality, Em "Kaisaya" Dangla, and the different Esports organizations that showed their support thru their public announcements.

Em KaisayaDangla.jpg

You might already know where this is headed and you probably know who's going to take the first highlight here. If you don't know the woman at the center of the image above, it's Ms. Em Dangla. But most of us know her as Kaisaya in the professional Esports scene. And you might also have heard of her recently if you're updated with the Esports news.

Her courage to expose the sexual harassment that happened to her two years ago became an eye-opener to everyone. If I'll have my personal statement included in this, I'd say that she SINGLEHANDEDLY exposed it on behalf of other people who are still in pain of not receiving justice and are not ready to speak yet.

Em KaisayaDangla a.jpg

Now, to give light to what really happened, what you're seeing in the image is Shin Boo's statement with a clear link to Kaisaya's post. I don't know if this is an accidental confession or what but it seems that Shin Boo just admitted that he protected Zeus Torquator from the sexual harassment case.

Well, whether it's accidental or not, it's a good thing that Shin Boo's statement finally made sense of what happened two years ago. It's a pretty sensitive topic and to make sure that no part of the story is altered, you might as well read it directly from Ms. Em Dangla's Facebook post.

To make the long story short tho, it's about the private video of Ms. Dangla and her ex-boyfriend, Aron Laxamana, and was confirmed to be shared with Zeus Torquator and Shin Boo. But, one thing is for sure, the case might be alive once again and this time, Shin Boo better have a new alibi if he's planning to cover his "tropa" once more.

Em KaisayaDangla b.jpg

Yesterday, Zeus Torquator, one of the suspects, made a public apology and stated that he'll be leaving the Esports community for a while. If you've read Mr. Em Dangla's original post already, you might find this public apology either convincing or unsincere. But for me, and for those who truly understand the situation, forgiveness is ONE THING.

What we demand, what Kaisaya really fought for, is JUSTICE. We're demanding justice and better protection for the Esports community. Everyone should face the consequences of their actions. As for the other two, Shin Boo and Aron Laxamana, they haven't given any public statement given regarding the issue.

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These are just four out of many public announcements from different Esports organizations and personalities that voiced their support to what we're fighting for. While it all started with the sexual harassment issue, I'd like to emphasize that any form of abuse, harassment, sexual exploitation, manipulation, blackmail, and all sorts of corrupted and inhumane acts within the Esports community or any industry are UNACCEPTABLE.

And for those who are questioning the essence of Ms. Dangla's personal video with her previous partner, I'll say shame on you guys. It's called "personal" and wasn't supposed to be seen by anybody else except the two of them. Just what kind of logic runs to your head, questioning the existence of the video while you also enjoy the existence of porn? Don't be a hypocrite, just my two cents.

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May this issue serve as a lesson not just to the members of the Esports community, but even for those who are not part of it. May I remind everyone that we have the Safe Space Act or RA No. 11313 that protects us from these kinds of despicable acts. The Esports and the games themselves were created for healthy competition and, most importantly, FUN. Just to let you know, Zeus Torquator was already suspended from his position in Luponwxc and will be gone from the Esports scene for some time.

And to finally end this, as part of our extending support, you may also share your experiences here. Ms. Em "Kaisaya" Dangla received and is still receiving confessions from other victims thru personal messages to show their support. Let the remaining hiding predators know that we're no longer afraid for the whole gaming and Esports community are behind you.