End of Season Rewards for 2019

The season ends tomorrow! Will you be able to reach what you are aiming for this season? Check out these rewards for this season!

If your rank is Gold and above, (in Solo/Duo and Flex), you are eligible to get Victorious Aatrox and if you also reached gold or higher in two or more ranked queues, you will be able to get its bonus chroma.

For Team Fight Tactics, if you attained Gold or higher, you will earn the cutest Victorious Pengu emote based on your rank.

Also, for the honor and icons, you must be Honor level 2 to be eligible for ranked rewards with the exception of TFT. As for TFT, there is no honor requirement for TFT rewards. Do not worry, they have softened the scale from Honor 1 to Honor 2, so players will still have the chance to be honorable and may receive their rewards before the season ends tomorrow, November 19.

We got a few more hours left! Goodluck on grinding! Rank and chill!
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