English Version for Lost Ark a Popular South Korean MMO announced

Finally getting a West release, Lost Ark, a popular MMO from Korea, will be coming this fall.


Developed by Smilegate RPG, Lost Ark was launched in South Korea way back 2018. Outside of Korea, the game was only available in Russia and Japan in its Beta version. However, during the Summer Game Fest at Geoff Keighley’s Kickoff Live, Lost Ark will be finally launching in North America and Europe this year.


It took quite a while for Lost Ark to have its release in the West but now that there is confirmed timeline regarding the launching of the English version of the game, it is thanks to Amazon Games, as its likely due to their involvement since they have taken over the publishing of Lost Ark for its global launch.

The game will have 14 classes to choose from and all said classes have their own set of weapons, abilities, and more. The game will be about the search of the Lost Ark throughout the land of Arkesia. Players will have the chance to earn a lot of loot by talking to NPC or completing quests Zelda-style. It will be free-to-play once it is launched in the mentioned regions. However, the players that want to play Lost Ark will need to use VPN to access the game.