Epic Seven x Kizuna Ai Collaboration starts today June 11!

If there is any other controversial gacha game that there is, it could have been Epic Seven. It's not controversial due to the majority of negative feedback, but because it has a clash of positive and negative review that it can really go down to your call to see if it is really good or not. Well, enough of that. Subjectively, it's all up to the players to decide the review, but we're going to talk about their latest collaboration, with our lovable VTuber, Kizuna Ai!

This collaboration will be up starting later June 11 and you can get the Kizuna Ai for free! From what I heard from the players of the game, she will be a great addition to the game and this will help those who are interested in playing the game to jump right in and enjoy what E7 has to offer. Not to mention that she has quirky and fun personality to top off her character being free in the game. That's a double win for the players for sure.

But for those who are going to jump and play Epic Seven because their beloved waifu is there, what is Epic Seven? It is a 2D RPG in mobile both in Android and iOS platforms. You can control a set amount of characters and use their skills to empower that character or that team. It has various collaborations within other anime and games. Here's its trailer with gameplay attached to it.

Well, there you go a free character, and there's possible more to offer in the coming collab. Make sure you update your game when it's up to get your own virtual youtuber! For a sneak peak of her skills, we'll drop a video below. For more information about gacha games and their collaboration, stay tuned here for more!