Era of Heroes: newly released card RPG, free pa! :)

Norman De Guzman

Newbie Gamer
Mar 17, 2016
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Era of Heroes - a combo action role playing card game that features puzzle like battle elements with 5 different elemental properties, world/dungeon run, battle arena, character evolution/combination.

The game is made by gravity/neocyon and was launched on March 16, 2016 according to the soft launch post on their facebook page.

So far after playing for a couple of minutes it became evident that the main goal of the game is to finish the stages/dungeons in 3-stars rank up to the final stage.
It seems that you must first finish all stages in Normal mode before you can move on to a harder difficulty.

I haven't tried the arena yet because my heroes are still weak but I'll get to it as soon as I level up my heroes or get better ones.

The game also has this "Auto" button during dungeons so if you're tired or feeling lazy to do combos, just press that button and it will automatically do the combos for you.

They also have an event when you finish the stages 1-10 you'll get a 6-star Hero, so I'm quite excited to be able to finish the stages quickly.

This game is still new though, it's quite refreshing and quite addicting which most of todays mobile games aim to do. I'm gonna keep playing it and level-up my heroes so I can proceed to the battle arena and rank up.

Check out the game here and try it out: