Era of Legends Daily Activity Experience


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Aug 7, 2018
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Click on the Daily Activity button in the main game screen, and you will see the maximum daily experience that you can receive displayed in the upper right-hand corner. The higher your character’s level, the more experience you can receive for daily activity. The screenshot below shows that for this character’s current level, the maximum daily experience is: 43000.

Experience points are granted for taking part in the events of the day, completing daily quests and reputation quests, and destroying monsters. Experience gained from the main questline and side quests is not included here. If you don’t claim the experience you earned over the course of the day, it will roll over to the next day.

If you reach the daily experience limit, but continue to take part in daily activities, the experience you earn will be converted into EXP points that you can exchange for items in the Trial Store. Example: A chest containing 10,000 silver.