Escalera and Raizen on Why They Joined ONIC PH

Joemarie “Escalera” Santos and Dean “Raizen” Sumagui are the newest members of Onic PH, and here is the reason why they joined ONIC among other MPL PH teams.


ONIC PH was unfortunately defeated by RSG in the second match series in the first week of MPL PH season 12 after a well-fought battle. The match lasted for three rounds, and after giving each other their best, the Raiders were able to take down the Yellow Hedgehogs and win the series with a 2-1 score.


After an unfortunate defeat against the RSG PH, the two newest draftees of Onic PH, Escalera and Raizen, shared why they joined Onic and their experience with their new team in a post-match press conference.

Joining ONIC PH gave Escalera the opportunity to improve and grow as a Pro Player

Escalera was considered an outstanding player during his participation in his former team, TNC Pro Team, with his excellent performance during the previous season of MPL PH. Escalera reveals that it was his decision to depart from his former team because he felt like he was not growing and progressing.

According to Escalera, the TNC Pro Team was his comfort zone, and he observed that he was not improving. He left TNC and joined ONIC with the aim of looking for self-improvement. He added that he improved a lot as a player and as the ONIC’s new team captain.

Escalera clarified that he left TNC with no issues with his former teammates. He just felt unsatisfied with his former team’s drive to win the tournament, which might have affected their overall performance. TNC Pro Team was once called Tiktok Boys" and got hate for being active with new Tiktok dances while continuously losing their matches multiple times. In spite of getting hate, the TNC Pro Team caught the other fans’ attention for being playful and cool.

Raizen is looking forward to defeating his former team Omega Esports

During the post-match interview, the former jungler of Omega Esports, Dean "Raizen" Sumagui, shared why he left his former team as well. He explained jokingly that it was his former team’s decision to make him depart. He added that, just like Escalera, he is leaving his comfort zone in order to improve, and when he joined ONIC, he learned a lot.

According to him, he was able to build his self-esteem and confidence to be more open and vocal about his opinions because of the friendly environment he was in.

When asked who he was looking forward to defeating in their upcoming matches, Raizen made a striking statement against his former team, Omega Esports. He added, "They better prepare and do their very best when we meet because I will crush them".


Onic PH and Omega Esports are scheduled to play on September 17 at 1:30 PM PHT in week 2 of the regular season of MPL PH 12.