ESL teases a exclusive performance from a K-pop Girl Group on the Wild Rift Southeast Asia Championship

The ultimate finals of the League of Legends: Wild Rift Southeast Asia (SEA) Championship will take place on October 3. Riot has hinted that the opening ceremony would feature a performance by the popular Korean girl duo AESPA.


Riot Games has released League of Legends Wild Rift for mobile players, after the popularity of League of Legends. The game has grown in popularity among MOBA fans, with players who cannot afford a high-end gaming computer instead playing it on their mobile devices. Riot Games established the game's e-sports circuit to attract players.

The name of the K-pop group is yet to be announced. However, fans have begun speculating on who might be the K-pop group that is showcased in the image.


AESPA is a South Korean group founded by SM Entertainment, a Seoul-based entertainment business. Their first single, Black Mamba, was released on November 17, 2020, and rapidly rose to the top of China's largest streaming service, QQ Music, to become the number one Korean song for three weeks. On October 5, AESPA will release their debut mini-album, which will include six tracks. Savage is the name of the album and the title tune.

ESL Asia's main social media channels released an announcement about their forthcoming grand final on September 23. ESL Asia shared an image of the championship theme: “UNLEASH GREATNESS” in an iconic style in the announcement. The silhouette picture integrated in the design, on the other hand, drew the attention of the visitors.

Although the SEA Championship is an online event, it appears that spectators will be able to watch a performance. There is currently no information available regarding the performance.

Who are AESPA
AESPA is a Korean girl idol group whose first album, "Black Mamba," was released last year. The trio is signed to SM Entertainment, the same label that represents Super Junior, Girls Generation, EXO, NCT, and Red Velvet, among other K-pop stars.

Yu Ji Min, Uchinaga Aeri, Kim Min Jeong, and Ning Yizhuo are the members.

Given how popular K-pop is in Southeast Asia, it's no surprise that Riot Games would team up with an idol group to provide fans with high-quality entertainment in addition to the action-packed contests that the e-sports industry has to offer.