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Apr 22, 2019
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So wazzup mga kuys so esmeralda has landed to the land of dawn and right now binobomba na nya ang rank game and seems na madami nalilito kay esmeralda so ill be giving guides for esmeralda(tbh i like her face good job moonton hehe)

So Esmeralda is a mage/tank who somehow favors shields,even if you dont build her defense items she is still tanky because of her passive

==Pros And Cons==
Deals sufficient damage
Deals physical and magical so hard to build against her
She doesnt have any CC
Without her 1st she will be squishy

So madami nalilito sa passive well ill explain the 4 things her passive can do(thanks to Elgin productions)
1.She can deal both physical and magical damage
2.Every basic attack or skill damage gives her enemies a shield
3.Her damage ignores shields
4.When she recieves a shield(excluding items that gives a shield) her health will slowly regenerate
So simply she increases movement speed and obtains a shield,the shield she gets depends on the enemies near her,the more shield an enemy has,the more shield she gets
Esmeralda does 2 circle attacks around her the 1st one dealing physical dmg and the 2nd one dealing magical dmg
After charging the skill,Esmeralda throws a "star" to a location dealing physical dmg then when the star lands,Esmeralda jumps to the location where the star landed dealing magical dmg

The emblem i use the most is mage emblem max points on movement speed and magic power and magic worship
Spell i use for her is either aegis or flicker

Siguro madami huhusga dito but this is my playstyle
Glowing Wand-The passive of glowing wand can also ignore shields so yey

Warrior/Tough-depends on enemy line up

Concentrated Energy-For sustain

Lightning Truncheon-LT's passive can also ignore shields so double yey

Situational Items
~Bloodwings-for the magic power and the health

~Athena's shield-for mgc resistance and a shield

~Immortality-For mgc resistance or if you die alot

~Winter Truncheon-So that youre safe from any damage or CC and the best part is that if you have a shield and youre low on health then you use WT your health is still regaining even though youre in frozen state

~Necklace of Durance-for heroes that have alot of lifesteal or spellvamp

~Feather of heaven-for faster atk speed so that you give your enemies a lot of shield and also get alot of shield in return

~At the start of the game buy 2 mana necklaces or if youre not gonna spam your skills then dont buy it
~Go mid hide at the bush near mid lane then when the enemy is near use your 2nd skill then clear the minion wave then help your teammate to farm
~You can use your 1st skill to go back to lane fast
~Once youre lvl4 gank a lane just to help your teammates
~Go back to mid then repeat till midgame
~So at midgame always sustain yourself with your shield by poking enemies with your 2nd skill since you have GW's passive ready
~Remember when a teamfight starts always charge your ult to the max before going so that you deal the max dmg the skill can give
~Repeat until endgame

BA-Basic Attack
~So thats it for the Esmeralda guide hope you enjoyed and learned something from it


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May 1, 2019
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Hello guys eto na yung esme guide natin. Esmeralda is Mage/Tank nagiging tanky sya dahil sa shield at shield absorb nya.

Emblems: Mage Emblem/ Magic Worship or Mystery Shop.
Pwede po impure rage pero mas ok yung dalawa na yan sakanya.
3 Points sa Agility, 3 Points sa Catastrophe or Magic pen.
Tank Emblem/ Tenacity, 1 point armor,2 points magic res, 3 Points CD reduction.

Sa tank emblem naman po focus kayo sa CD reduction para maspam yung skill nya kahit walang buff.

Builds: So may dalawa lng po ako na Build sakanya isa is Tank Build and yung isa Mage Build

Mage Build:
Demon Shoes
Calamity Reaper
Ice Queen Wand
Feathers of Heaven/Adjust
Genius Wand/Adjust
Holy Crysral

yan pong mage build need nya ng buff para sa cd reduction nya then basic attack after magskill para sa passive ng calamity reaper plus debuff effect from ice queen wand.

Tank Build
Demon Shoes
Dominance Ice
Antique Cuirass
Brute Force plate
Concentrated Enegy/Adjust

Sa build po na tank prioritize armor and oracle pwede po kayo maglagay ng thunderbelt para may damage kayo. Oracle increase shield effect at regen effect plus brute force plate increase movement speed,magic and physical def. Concentrated Energy for spell vamp or magic lifesteal.

Pag Mage po kayo focus lng po sa pag atake sa kalaban dahil may shield kayo pero di po maglalagpas ng 50% max hp yung shield nyo pag shield absorb ginamit nyo (yung absorb ng shield ng kalaban) pero kaya parin umabot ng 100% max hp yung shield kung maispam nyo po yung 1st at 2nd skill nya.
Combo: 1st Skil + Charge ult max(pag max na po release nyo na, wag nyo po itap yan) then 2nd skill + 1st skill then repeat lng po.

2nd skill reduce cd ng 1st skill.
1st skill po nagaabsorb ng shield at nagbibigay din sakanya ng shield at additional movement speed.

Tips: Wag po itap yung ULT ni Esme dahil mas mataas damage nyan pag max charge. Spam skills lng po para makuha yung full hp shield. Weakness lng po nya is Crowd Control at anti regen items. di ganun kalakas crowd control ni
Esme kaya mas ok kung may tank na setter. Use 1st skill para mabilis mag roam at makapag exp at gold. Kung di kayo magbabuff sa mage build make sure na may cd reduction yung build or emblem nyo max 40% cd reduction. Kung Tank emblem naman make sure na makukuha nyo yung shield na mailalagay nyo sa kalaban para di mahirapan team mates nyo na patayin kalaban. Basic attack,2nd skill,Ult binibigyan ng shield kalaban pero passive din ni esmeralda ignores shield so kahit mag aegis ka walang magagawa yan kukunin lng ni esme yan. At kahit anong shield kinukuha ni esme kahit diggie shield or lolita shield lalo na yung Athena Shield.

kung may suggestion kayo or gusto idagdag comment lng po at Share nadin natin yung page at yung post para marami matulungan. Thank you po at sana may magsend din satin ng star pag nakalive tayo hehhe malaking tulong po yun sa page natin.

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