Esports Community and Sexual Harassment: The Latest Issue

During the previous week, the esports community was shaken to its core after a flood of Twitter posts opens up an issue that seems to be unlikely to happen in a community composed mainly of geeks who share a strong love for a video game. However, it turns out that even the whole esports industry was also riled with problems about sexual harassment and misogynistic behavior were the usual victims are no other than the women within it.

The said issue was taken with serious attention and surprised after a Twitter post from Hollowtide hinting about a certain popular Destiny 2 player where she had some nasty experience. Later on, this anonymous gamer will soon be named as Lono (SayNoToRage) who also replied on his own Youtube account and admitted the said allegations. Hollowtide is not the only one who seems to have a nightmarish experience with Lono as more names open up about the said gamer/streamer inappropriate behaviors and indecent proposals to female gamers.

Hollowtide's confession leads other women to finally have the courage to open up and let the esports community that sexual harassment seems to be prevalent too in their close-knit community. This will later lead to the increase of #metoo post where female gamers, streamers, and shoutcasters share their harassment experience from the male members of their community which some of them are even traumatized from it.

Other streamers who wanted Twitch gaming platform to take a stand about the issue called out a "blackout" where they didn't post anything in the said platform for one whole day to urge Twitch to do something about their misbehaving streamers and gamers. The said act was fortunately heeded by the popular game/streaming platform as they take down several accounts of well-known gamers who have a record of sexual harassment and misconduct like iAmSp00n, Wolv21, BlessRNG, and more who are banned now totally from streaming Twitch. They also announced that they will investigate further the said cases for a possible authority intervention.

Facebook Gaming and Microsoft's Mixer has also done their part in investigating and banning other streamers that are involved in several allegations as of the moment. Later on, many game sponsors also pulled out from these streamers which also shows that they too also condemn the behaviors they are doing in the eSports community.

Among the biggest name that has been namedropped and found guilty of not one but multiple sexual misconducts is GranDGranT which is an infamous DOTA 2 gamer and shoutcaster which eventually banned from streaming. After a few days, another famous streamer DisRespect was also reported as being one of the new names that are included in the banned list of Twitch. The reason behind is still unknown but many speculate that this is also something to do with misbehavior.

With what happened lately in eSports, it seems the community would also want actively weed out its members that pose perils to everyone who just wanted to enjoy video games with a warm and friendly community. And everyone really appreciates what other streamers and game companies do to make eSports community a safe place for everyone.

If you wanted to know more about the list of streamers and gamers being banned from streaming, you can check out this link for your reference.


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Feb 27, 2021
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At dahil buong araw na walang laman newsfeed ko dahil sa issues about sexual harassment dito, I'mma share my take on this esp for them ladies like me.

I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember; Ragnarok days since circa 2004, di na nawala ang toxicity sa gaming community. It's far even worse on MOBA pa nga, at least from my perspective. Iyakin din ako noon, pero learning how to rely on myself helped me get through with it. Natuto ako makipag sabayan, at pag ako inagrabyado, pinapalagan ko.

Girls, when you go out and play an online game, always expect the worse. Iba-ibang tao makakasalamuha mo, and you can't expect everyone to behave the way you want them to. Ang troll or ang taong walang modo, hindi magpapa talo yan sayo lalo na't they're hiding behind their IGNs. Kahit ilang beses mo pa pagsabihan yan, kung ayaw umayos, wala ka mapapala. Pag pikon ka, talo ka — because that's exactly where they find satisfaction.

Calling them out and spreading awareness is always a good step, pero kung magbabago sila or hindi is out of our control. Hindi mga santo yan. The next thing you can do is toughen yourself up and learn the art of not giving a fuck.
I'm not being an enabler— that's an advise from your almost tita gamer.

Read this with an open mind; don't go on a rampage and generalize all male players here as 'enablers' just because hindi mo mabasa or marinig yung ineexpect mong response nila on sexual harassment. Ang nangyayari kasi, lahat ng lalake dito gusto nyo awayin kasi hindi enough sainyo yung advise na 'mute nyo nalang po' in game. To sum things up, meron naman mga concerned players here na may sense yung mga payo.

1) MUTE, then REPORT — Don't let their toxicity get the best of you. Once nagiging nonsense na kausap ang isang player on comms at puro ka-shitan na pinagsasabi, it's already a red flag— either you mute them or makipag sabayan ka sa trashtalkan. Riot provided these features for us for a cause dahil sila mismo, hindi kaya kontrolin sino sino ang pwede mo makasalamuha in-game.

EDIT: Apparently, you can mute a specific person during the game. There's no need for you to listen or read what they're saying lalo na if it's making you uncomfortable. Call out the person, tell him what he's doing is wrong, then if di nanahimik, mute. Di mo kelangang magpa apekto at i-internalize yung sinasabi nila.

2) PLAY WITH A GROUP OF FRIENDS — There's little room for toxicity or harassment if kakilala mo mga kasama mo. This way, you'll be able to enjoy the game more. This group is a thriving community of concerned players, and I'm sure madami ka mahahanap na matitinong kalaro dito. Para kung may mambastos man sayo, you know you'll always have back up.

3) FIGHT BACK AND PROTECT YOURSELF — Don't rely on other players to play your knight and shining armor for you, ESPECIALLY KUNG ASA SOLO QUEUE KA. Think of yourself highly as the character you're playing in-game. Will Reyna, Viper or Jett allow these predators to get the best of themselves? FUCK, NO. Shoot them in the head and play fire with fire.

EDIT: I'm not promoting violence, pero pag alam mo sumosobra na kabastusan, pumalag ka. Some people only listen and respect your boundaries when you show dominance to defend yourself. Don't give them a reason to belittle you.

I commend those male players who are standing up for what we, women, believe in and I am disgusted at the gatekeepers who keep telling girls 'Wag ka na mag Valo kung iiyak ka' just because we find something wrong with harassment in-game. In order to create a harmonious community tho, we have to unite on a single cause on 0 tolerance against any kind of harassment, but at the same time, empower women to learn how to defend themselves when the going gets rough.

Sa mga bois, paulit ulit na to. RESPETO sa babae, respeto sa lahat. Wag kayo magsalita or gumawa ng isang bagay na pwede ikasira ng ibang tao. Hindi lahat may mental threshold tulad sa aming mga nakakatanda. Yung mga may utak dito, you know what's right and what's wrong so do your part to stop instances of sexual harassment when you encounter one, inside or outside the game.
Feel free to comment down your thoughts. I ain't taking sides, but I ain't babysitting no one too. I can empathize, but realtalk sounds so much better. Let's stop being too political and divide the group because of an ageing issue and focus on ways on how to improve the game, the community, and the players in general.

Kung puro away at saway lang kasi mangyayari sa laro nyo, para saan pa na naglalaro ka? You play to have fun. Always remember that.