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    ESF2015 Dota 2 Results

    Cebu City, Philippines - The city where the Philippine Esports Organization is based in played host to the eSports Festival 2015. From August 21 to 23, Dota 2 players from all over the Philippines flocked to SM City Cebu to compete for a 100,000 PHP Dota 2 prize pool.


    Main Dota 2 tournament results:

    Dota 2 Champions - Execration
    2nd place - TnC Gaming
    3rd place - Mineski

    Execration line-up:
    Kimuel Rodis - Kimo
    Jeffrey Fortunato - foxx
    Peter John Bondal - Primo
    Abeng Jersy - Abeng
    Fernando Mendoza - Nando

    10 v 10 All Star Dota 2 Match Results:
    Alodia Gosengfiao's team wins


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