eSports sa Palarong Pambansa? Apex Legends Mobile, Rohan Mobile at iba pa!


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk eSports in the Palarong Pambansa like Mobile Legends and Dota 2, PUBG Mobile Shutting down in China with new Game of Peace, Apex Legends Mobile, Yakuza Kiwami 2, Rohan Mobile, Goat of Duty, and Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Palarong Pambansa Mobile Legends and Dota 2
  • Recently news broke out that Deped has been considering adding Dota 2 and Mobile Legends in the Palarong Pambansa
  • so here we will discuss what they actually said before you believe fake fb posts
  • The discussion started when DepEd undersecretary Escobedo talked about the topic
  • initially they admitted that they haven't even talk about esports title like Mobile legends or Dota to be added
  • but in a recent interview with ABS CBN
  • According to him, they are considering titles included in the SEA games as a demo sport
  • however instead they prioritized “larong pinoy” this year which was requested by Secretary Briones
  • here is the statement
  • “The secretary wants to include larong Pinoy in the regular Palarong Pambansa sports. Maybe next year, we have larong Pinoy as demo sports with other sports. But not online games”
  • so confirmed onlines games are not part of the palarong pambansa at least for the upcoming one
  • Escobedo also added that their priority of the Palaro Board are the sports that will improve physical and motor skills
  • here is the statement

PUBG Mobile to Game of Peace

  • If you remember Tencent launched PUBG mobile in China last february
  • but in a recent report PUBG Mobile has shutdown in China with replacement game called game of peace
  • So why did this happen?
  • Well apparently the game was not approved for monetization by the government
  • basically Tencent failed to secure a license to collect revenues
  • According to estimates PUBG Mobile in China have roughly 70 million domestic players
  • with revenues of more than 1 billion usd
  • wow grabe
  • So the solution of tencent right now is to migrate users to a new game called “Heping Jingying” which roughly translates to Elite Force of Piece o Game of Peace
  • and so far this game was approved by the government
  • So why was this approved instead of PUBG Mobile?
  • Well according to the reports the game is actually identical to pubg mobile
  • however it very patriotic which pays tribute in their Air Force
  • so there are anti terrorism themes instead
  • another difference is that the game is less violent, whatever that means
  • on the bright side there will be lesser hackers on PUBG Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile
  • A few days ago EA released their quarterly earnings
  • and guest what's on top? well its Apex Legends
  • but wait there's more
  • because the publisher EA also mentioned that they are actively working on bring Apex Legends to mobile
  • here is their official statement during the earnings call
  • “We are in advanced negotiations to bring Apex Legends to China and mobile, and we will update you on time frames when those negotiations are concluded”
  • So what does this mean? well basically Apex Legends Mobile Confirmed
  • as for any release date? well there are still no information regarding that
  • it's also unclear if the development even started

Yakuza Kiwami 2

  • Friendly reminder
  • Yakuza Kiwami 2 is now available on PC via steam
  • and if you purchase now until May 16 you will also get free DLC
  • so this includes the clan creator bundle
  • according to the press release Yakuza Kiwami 2 was rebuilt from the ground up with the Dragon Engine
  • So now the game will have up to 4k resolution, unlocked frame rates, customizable controls and various graphics options.

League of Legends Future Champion Updates
  • If you remember last week we discussed the backlash regarding the battle academia skins
  • which in summary states that only popular heroes get new skins
  • but not it seems that's about to change
  • because this time they are letting fans select which champion they should update in 2020
  • here is the official statement
  • “We want your help choosing one of the champions we’ll update in 2020!
  • We’ve selected five champs we see as high-priorities for updates, and we’re committed to working on whichever one you choose.”
  • unfortunately this doesn't necessarily mean skins
  • but more likely champion rework and even designs
  • Basically it's a step in the right direction
  • because as fans we get to tell riot what want

Goat of Duty

  • Recently 34 Big Things announced their new shooter
  • according to the description the new game will be a frantic first person arena shooter
  • but there is a catch because in this new game you will as a Goat
  • yep kambing
  • and the game will be called Goat of Duty!
  • the game will feature armed goats in a super fast 2 to 10 player matches
  • so expect explosions and of course silliness
  • you can also customize your goats appearance in a mode they called goatstumes
  • so far Goat of Duty will have Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and two Goat of Duty for the game modes

Monster Hunter World Iceborne

  • If you remember a few months ago capcom announced that Monster World will get an ice themed expansion call Iceborne
  • but now we have a release date
  • because the Monster Hunter Iceborne is now set to release this September 6
  • So whats new on this expansion?
  • According to the reports there is a massive volume of new content for the new world
  • a new story which introduces Hoarfrost Reach which if you play the game picks up after the main story line
  • and since its Monster Hunter there will be new and returning monsters like Velkhana an elder dragon
  • The game will also introduce an new Master Rank to make things more challenging
  • they also added new gameplay mechanics to deepen the combat like the slinger tool, clutch claw garpple, and flinch shot
  • So far the weapons are also expanded with each 14 weapon types getting new combos and elements
  • and finally new gears and items to craft since there are new monsters
  • So if you are interested the dlc will be out for consoles on Sept 6 while a pc update is to follow

Rohan Mobile

  • In a recent report by a korean media
  • the IP owner of Playwith is working with the devs of NXGames to launch Rohan Mobile
  • unfortunately the launch will only be on Korea which is stated to launch this June
  • The report also added that Playwith is also planning to launch ROhan Mobile in Taiwan and Thailand
  • it's also added that ROhan Mobile will share world view of the original PC game with PVE and PVP features
  • sadly there was no mention of Philippines or even an english localization
  • wow lahat nalang may mobile version na? kayo anong gusto nyo mapunta sa mobile?

Black Desert Underwater Ruins

  • Desert Online has announced its third major content update called Valencia
  • The desert kingdom is the largest region since the release of Mediah
  • The Valencia update also adds Absolute Skills, improvements to gear enhancements, new items, and user interface improvements in response to community feedback
  • sana nag dagdag din sila ng inventory slot lol
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