Estes: Understanding his ULTIMATE Skill


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Apr 22, 2019
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In the advance server, Estes got a new buff on his passive skill. Moonlight Immersion: Estes gains 20% MAGIC POWER when linking with teammate/s

What does this really mean?
So before jumping in that, let's talk first about his current 1st and Ultimate skill in original server,
Healing allies with his first skill and Ulti will give him different stats.


Using 1st skill gives him additional 40% of an ally's PHYSICAL ATTACK

Using his Ulti also gives him different stats depending on how many ally's is he healing.


Healing 1 ally gives him 60% PHYSICAL ATTACK
Healing 2 ally gives him 35% PHYSICAL ATTACK from each ally
Healing 3 ally gives him 30% PHYSICAL ATTACK from each ally
Healing 4 ally gives him also 30% PHYSICAL ATTACK from each ally.

I don't know why the devs gives him buff for his Physical Attack instead of Magical Power or Defense stats.

For the new Passive of Estes in the Advace Server. He gains additional 20% MAGICAL POWER when healing an ally. Yes you read it right, now it is MAGICAL POWER not PHYSICAL ATTACK.
It is now much better.

So let's do the computation again.

Estes can now gain additional 60% MAGICAL POWER when linking with ally using 1st skill.

For the STATS using his ULTIMATE:

healing 1 ally gives him 95% MAGICAL POWER from each ally
healing 2 ally gives him 60% MAGICAL POWER from each ally.

This new buff for Estes can make him more playable in Game now, cause he's now not just an Support healer but can also deal a great Magical Damage as long as he link with ally using his 1st amd ULITMATE skill.

Note: Healing an Ally wouldn't give Estes a Permanent Magical Power, the additional Magical Damage only effects during the duration of his 1st and Ultimate skill.

So that's it, I hope you get it hahahah,
PS: I also get hard understanding his skills before doing this guide
PPS: sorry for giving you a Math Summer Class hahahha

credit: Elgin Production

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