Eternal City Official Launch Announcement

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Aug 7, 2018
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Eternal City will officially launch on May 9! Commanders, it's time to rise and shine! Eternal CityThe server is now opening! Are you ready to play?

Opening Event Rescue Cybil

  • Event Time:May 9 10:00 AM -May 23 10:00 AM(GMT+7)
  • Ms. Cybil has encountered serious trouble Commanders, get moving and save the teacher
  • Commanders, get moving and save the teacher!
  • When Ms. Cybil has been saved a set number of times, rewards will be sent to the entire server!

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Diary Sign-In
  • Reset Time:Daily at 6:00 AM(GMT+7)
  • Every day in Confluence is a chance to make more precious memories. With the Diary Sign-In, you can record all the adventures with your Wielders.
  • More than just recording your daily adventures, you can get a daily check-in reward. In addition to the daily rewards, you can get a extra cumulative rewards when you sign up for a certain number of days each month!


If you forgot to sign in on any given day, you can use the Login Fulfillment function. You can only use the Login Fulfillment for the current month you use it in.

Official Lauch First Recharge Bonus:Wielder-Fusakan
  • In order to celebrate our launch, a first recharge of any value will also receive the Wielder-Fusakan
  • That's right, a bonus Wielder
  • As an Assassin type Wielder,she is a stealthy and deadly force on the battle field.
  • Even her steel boots are weapons themselves

Girl's Will: Eternal City Limited storyline
You can experience a limited and unseen storyline, as well as obtaining special limited CGs!

I heard the Diviner has obtained some clues about this case:
“Campus”、“Pink Hair”、“Swords” During dusk, what is this sound that can be heard coming from the campus gym?!

After finishing this storyline, you can obtain special rewards!

‘Eternal City’ is a real-time battle RPG, with many heroes and different plot lines to help keep you engaged. This is guaranteed to bring you a unique and captivating experience!

The game’s story takes place in a modern coastal city. One day, the ‘Black Gate’ appeared in the city, and monsters from different dimensions invaded the city. The entire city was covered with a disorienting mist, and all peace was instantly destroyed. During this time, it was discovered that some humans that held special abilities and had the power to use mythological weapons. These humans can not only can kill these monsters, but they can also destroy the Black Gate. These heroic characters, called "Wielders", eventually assembled at the ‘Central Department’ to rise up against the Xenos World and fight for their destiny!

This is the moment the character you’re playing enters to the city. You as the protagonist hold a rare and special ability that Wielders rely on. After learning more about the world, you’ve discovered things are not as simple as you’d once thought. The threat is not just the Black Gate and the monsters it summons. A 7-day countdown that controls the fate of the city is quickly approaching…

Many well-known artists were invited to participate in the game’s production. Based on Netease's self-developed engine, and unique performance technology, the 2.5-D anime-style visuals will bring a unique experience to each player.

The game’s music was created by the masterful Japanese musician - Mr. Kawai Kenji. He has created many original soundtracks for the diverse gameplay within ‘Eternal City’. In addition, dozens of well-known Japanese CV such as Hanazawa Kana, Uchida Maaya, and Kugimiya Rie have participated in the game’s dubbing. Total duration of the dubbing exceeds 10 hours.

  • CAMERA: It is used in the Camera function when players want to take pictures and use them as portrait.
  • RECORD_AUDIO: It is used in world channel when players want to send some voice messages
  • Fixed an issue that occurred with some Sony earphone models
  • EXTERNAL_STORAGE: It is used to save some of the game's resources