Eternal MMORPG Is Back On Track With Another Closed Beta Test

Hardcore MMORPG fans might have seen or heard of this game before and might also be confused about what really happened with this game. Eternal MMO entered yet another Closed Beta Test phase after its previous 3rd CBT months ago. So, what's new with this one?

Eternal MMORPG.png

Asobimo, the legendary creator of Avabel Online, is the one behind this game. Although it was announced in early 2019 as Project Eternal, there were no clear details as to when its development really started. It garnered a relative amount of hype when it was first showcased with its beautiful character designs made by one of the artists of Final Fantasy, Yoshitaka Amano.

Yoshitaka Amano.png
That explains why the characters look similar to the designs of Final Fantasy. Now, before we proceed with the current CBT, let's clarify some things. First, we're not exactly sure why it looks like the Gate of Rebellion which is also created by Asobimo but was never seen again. Second, this CBT will be held in Japan once again and the global release is yet to be announced.

Now, back to the topic at hand, Asobimo decided to conduct another CBT and is now inviting another wave of 30,000 players to test Eternal. Specifically, they're inviting 10,000 iOS users and 20,000 Android users in Japan. If you're trying to find the link on Google, you'll probably end up looking at the previous CBT 3 website which was held last February.

There wasn't any information given regarding the new content that players might see once the CBT starts. The only information given was the duration of the test along with a new promotional video for recruiting CBT participants which I linked above. Unknown to many of us, Asobimo still has a solid fanbase in Japan and some parts of the world due to their top class games such as Iruna, Avabel, and Toram Online.

Eternal MMORPG a.jpg

And although Eternal was delayed for so many times, its fans were still patiently waiting. Its release date was moved from late 2019, to early 2020, until recently, it was announced for another CBT. Some says that it's the final test before it officially launches. But, who knows? If you're curious of how heavy the game is to require 3GB of RAM or higher iPhone models, here's a gameplay video:

But, with a great game comes great requirements, right? Just kidding. Our latest mobile phones might be able to handle the game well if Asobimo decided to release it globally. Oh, you're still looking for the link? Do you want to try your luck using VPN and stuff? Well, enjoy, here's the link:

So, what do you think of Asobimo's Eternal MMO? Will it be as great, or maybe greater, than the 3 successful titles of Asobimo? Tell us your thoughts below.