Eternal Return MOBA early access has ended, Version 1.0 is now available for download

Eternal Return: Version 1.0 is now finally available worldwide on PC via Steam thanks to Kakao Games and Nimble Neuron. The game was first made available through Steam Early Access in 2020. Additionally, the first season of "Vacance" Version 1.0 has begun and will include two new playable characters as well as special skins.


Players of Eternal Return must battle for their lives on the desolate Lumia Island. Secret experiments on human volunteers are being carried out by the shady organization known as AGLAIA in an effort to produce people who possess supernatural talents. To win, players must be the last ones standing after searching the island's zones for resources to manufacture armor and weapons with their squads.

Eternal Return Gameplay​

There are 24 players in a single match of Eternal Return, divided into eight squads of three. The team that endures for the longest period of time is declared the winner. Areas will eventually become restricted as the game progresses; however, if you stay in a Restricted Area for an extended period of time, you will perish. There will also be a point when death will remove you from the game entirely unless a member of your squad decides to resuscitate you.



With a roster that will continue to be updated, there are more than 60 characters to select from, and each one has special skills and tools that they can utilize. In addition to playing Normal Matches, you may also use the Practice Mode to test out different characters or play a game against AI foes to get a better understanding of the game's controls.



Eternal Return 1.0 Animated Promo Video​

Eternal Return Season 1 Special Pack​


Summer vacation-themed battle passes with lots of in-game rewards will be included in Eternal Return's Season 1 "Vacance" update. Additionally, players can purchase the special bundling characters, skins, and other cosmetics until August 3 for a significantly reduced cost. An Eternal Return Pass, four unique items, four characters, and seven skins are all included in this bundle, along with the Summer Party Magician skin for Emma.