Eudora Guide and Build

Guild of Guardians


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Oct 9, 2018
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Eudora in LANE: Do not go alone.You can 1v1 a person but in early games this is a pretty bad idea. Make sure that you always have a companion a hitter or a fighter or assassin to secure any kills. Spam first skills to minions and or heroes.

Eudora in TEAMFIGHT: In team fights get a good position either to the right or to the left or on the back of enemy line. Again with a companion. Use the first skill and make sure that you hit them all with it for the super conductor to kick in… Lock in on whichever squishy target you can find and use your ulti… If enemy heroes are all clumped together using the third will deal burst damage to surrounding enemies as well and because of the super conductor you put on them when you used your first skill. Act fast as the passive wont last long.

The higher your level, the more ranks you can put into your skills, and subsequently force your opponent out of lane so that you can dominate the rest of the map.

As a mage, you are squishy, but you deal high damage.

Eudora deals high area of effect damage and high single target damage with crowd control, so you can safely control team fights and roam freely if you pay attention to where players are on the map.

The main thing you need to be aware of as a mage is your position relative to other players with crowd control.

If you get caught and die, no matter where the rest of your team is, ultimately rests on your positioning.

You need to be aware that chargers can jump on your position or tanks can reposition you, so stay safe.

With that said, abuse the mispositioning of the enemy team and punish enemy carries for opening themselves up to getting caught.