EVE Echoes Brings Your Favorite Spaceship MMO in Mobile

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    You've read it right! The combined expertise of the known global games developer, NetEase, and the studio that brought us the original Eve Online in 2003, CCP Games, brings our favorite space MMO into our mobile devices. Yesterday, August 13, the developers were happy to announce the official launch of Eve Echoes.


    The Open Beta last December, 2019 was successful and the game's progress continued to the official pre-registration last May,2020. Everybody has doubts on popular games getting ported into mobile due to the famous microtransactions that swarms the mobile gaming industry.


    Besides from microtransactions, there's a history of bad optimization in mobile ports. But, to my surprise, the REAL reviews coming from the original PC players and those who simply tried the game are contrary to the bad expectations we know. Why did I say REAL?

    There are people made reviews and rated 1 star without even playing. Some stated that it is a P2W type of game without even realizing that Eve Echoes is similar to the community-driven economy of Eve Online. While it is true that paying makes you progress faster, everything else can still be acquired freely through time and proper in-game decisions.


    Let's talk about something new in the game. A new faction rose from history and ready to make their cultic pursuit known in Eve's universe.


    Meet the ancient civilization of Yan-Jung, the newest faction in Eve Echoes. Why did I say cultic? Well, NetEase described them as people who value balance, appreciate the harmony of a collective, respect history, and strive for the ultimate pursuit of "becoming one with heaven." Sounds like people who'll argue of who really is the one true god.


    Kidding aside, here's a feature from Eve Online introduced to the mobile version - Corporation. This is like the counterpart of "guilds" in adventure RPGs with more features and functions.

    Just like Eve Online's Corporation system, players can group together as they mine and explore the vast universe. And of course, if guilds have guild storage, the corporation do also have hangers and wallets that the members can access.


    Solo players, unite! That's pretty ironic, isn't it? Well, the developers knew that in every MMORPG, there will always be a pool of players who are either shy to interact with others or simply wants to play the game alone and dreams to become the one-man-army someday. Don't worry, EVE Echoes got your back.

    What you're seeing above is what they call Capsuleer Outpost. It's a private structure in which the players can occupy to gain a foothold as they venture deeper into the great unknown. It's relatively new and will soon receive more functional structures in the future.


    Of course! Such MMO games will never be complete without the cosmetic SKINS! EVE Echoes will support Ship Skins to fill your hunger to show off your unique fashion statement even in space. The iconic EVE Online classic ship skin will be added including the uniquely designed ship skins for EVE Echoes.


    CCP's classic EVE Online already made history in the MMO genre. And now, with the great help from NetEase, we can explore the universe once again with just a touch of our fingertips. If you haven't seen the official launch video yet, I provided it here for you. Enjoy!

    I know you're curious already, so here's the link for both Playstore and App Store. For more information, you can check their official website. As for my final words, don't rush the tutorial, I mean it. Well then, I'll see you in space, Captain!

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