Eve Echoes Celebrates 1st Anniversary With a Special Livestream That Will Lay Out the Future Plans for the Game

Today, NetEase Games and CCP Games have announced an upcoming livestream to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Eve Echoes. The livestream will feature Community Manager Joseph Derflinger and Game Designers Melos and Denis, where they will talk about the future plans for Eve Echoes, the freebies and special events that fans can expect for the anniversary, and a deep dive into the development process of the game.

Where You Can Watch the Livestream

The livestream will be held on July 31st at 6PM PDT/9pm ET and it can be seen here on the official Eve Echoes YouTube channel.

Livestream Giveaways & Special Prizes

There are going to be some amazing giveaways during the EVE Echoes online anniversary livestream. The people who tune into the show will have the chance to earn in-game rewards, such as Skill Points and Ship Skins, as well as physical gifts, including AirPods Pro and an iPad Pro.

What's Going to Be Revealed During the Livestream

The developers of EVE Echoes will talk about the following new content in the livestream:

Faction Wargames - The players who want to test out their combat skills will soon have a chance to do so in safety, as the upcoming Faction Wargames mechanic will let them take part in practise battles

New Data Sites & Relic Sites – These new Exploration Sites will be coming to EVE Echoes in the future.

New Corporation Structures – Details about new ancillary structures for corporation citadels.

A Brand New Tutorial EVE Echoes will receive a revamped tutorial, in order to make it easier for new players to learn how the game functions.

Dreadnaughts Are Coming To the Game - The mighty Dreadnought ships will be added to Eve Echoes in the future, and their power will be showcased in a new teaser trailer.

Project Discovery – In cooperation with Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOs), EVE Echoes will integrate Project Discovery into the game, assisting scientific research by categorizing protein patterns and help build a map of human biology.

Gaming Experience Optimization – Providing better and smoother gaming experience by constantly upgrading servers and systems as well as fixing in-game bugs.

Eve Echoes' Accomplishments Since Launch

Eve Echoes quickly broke the five million player mark within its first year of release. The universe of the game keeps expanding through content updates, with players adding to the experience by crafting their own stories in the galaxy. Eve Echoes is continuing to grow and the livestream on July 31st will lay out the roadmap for future content to come. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the future of Eve Echoes, as make sure to check out the 1st anniversary livestream for a glimpse at some of the content that's coming in the future.

About NetEase Games

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