EVE Online's Expansion reaching it's end: Fight for 2 Factions to Determine New Eden's Future PC 

EVE Online has been known to have various players of different objectives, goals and desires as each players are different. Some want to be the greatest economic entity there is, while others tend to explore and wage wars against various factions for fame and glory. Having a vast universe such as in New Eden is something worth looking at to see the world at large and their actions. The inevitable event coming soon in the game will shape the future of the game, for better or worse.


For some time now, EVE Online's latest expansion concerning an alien invasion has been going on and players have almost halted each of their in-progress wars as they tend to their own devices and defend their starbases from the invading aliens that are aiming to put a claim in various places of New Eden. With people from New Eden stopping their animosity and focusing on dealing with the aliens, they have been given an option to choose where to go from here.


The final piece of this expansion is to choose between two factions that will vie for power as the invasion rages on the galaxy. You can choose between two factions and you can gain reputation with them by skirmishing against the opposing team. The first one is the Edencom, the human empires who have united to face a common enemy. Being in EVE ever since its launch, people who are loyal to the end will undoubtedly choose this faction to conform to the status quo.

However, let's not forget that the second faction is an option to all the players. Featuring the Triglavian Collective, these are the aliens. While there's still a veil of mystery among them, pariahs, contrarians and those who wish to see change in New Eden might choose this faction to see where it would all go. Albeit these teams aren't set up yet and some of the ones I've mention might switch while the battle wages on, this will be an interesting event in the game as it will have...


Consequences. This invasion will make the galaxy a different one unlike any before. If Edencom wins, things might stay the same but there might be various things that they will adjust and who knows what will happen when the Triglavian Collective win, it's all about to get interesting in the game. There might be new technology unleash with all the things that are happening and when the faction wars going to reward the players for choosing a side, it might show how different the galaxy will take. It is enticing to check how this will happen.


For a year already in this expansion, there better be a solid ending to the Invasion expansion, with old wars and alliances move over to decide what will happen to the universe they are living in, a new one will take place. For the better or worse, only EVE players will be the one dictating the pace of the game.