Evercore Heroes changes into three-player team action roguelite game

Guild of Guardians
Vela Games’ first ever original IP project that was originally a mix of MOBA and MMO PvE, titled Evercore Heroes, has gone under a transformation. The developers, who were veterans that came from Riot, EA, and Rare, announced that the game is now a three-player team action roguelite game.

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For players who were wondering why they have suddenly changed the genre of the game, Vela Games CEO explained that they have arrived at that decision because of the player feedback that they have received.

“Despite some big changes at Vela, our team took that feedback and made an all-new game from the best parts of Evercore Heroes. We really took it back to its roots, focusing on cooperative action and true teamplay with an exciting roster of heroes, which is the kind of fun multiplayer experience Vela has wanted to bring players from day one.”

Re-launching later this year on Steam, the game will now focus on real time combat. It will feature various unique playable characters that the players can choose from to pick three characters to form a team that will go against the forces of chaos. The team should be composed of damage dealers, tanks, and support characters with each can be customized to the liking of the player.



Evercore Heroes is a 3-Player Team Action Roguelite where you play as one of the Luum sentinels, tasked with restoring the natural balance of magic to the world. Pick your favorite hero, customize your loadout, and go out on missions with your friends across the different regions of Lumerea. You’re the only ones who can stop the Fate's Blade army and rebuild the magical treasure known as the Evercore. Of course, you won’t be expected to overcome all of the challenges on your first attempt! With each run you can unlock new ways to play, come up with new strategies & builds, regroup, and try again to win the day as a team!

Key Features

  • Select your favorite sentinel from a roster of diverse heroes inspired by the three roles: damage dealer, tank, and support. Customize your loadout and go on a mission as a team of three to save the world of Lumerea.
  • Decide as a team which rewards to pursue during the mission, then make strategic decisions to build your hero your way. Adapt to the randomly selected map rewards and build the most powerful Shard combination possible for your team!
  • Every map offers a procedurally shuffled roster of aggressive enemies! Each mission ends with a formidable end-game encounter. Fight hard to overcome a variety of skill-based challenges and finish the mission to secure glorious victory!
  • Nobody saves the world in one day! Learn from every run, and use the rewards you earn to unlock new power-ups, heroes, and new ways to play. Come up with wild strategies & builds, regroup, and try again and push even further!