Eversoul announces upcoming 2023 Q1 events despite ongoing connection issues

Publisher Kakao Games finally announces the Q1 roadmap of upcoming events for Eversoul. Gacha players have shown a strong interest in the brand-new game, therefore we are pleased to see an exciting release schedule for the upcoming months. However, many gamers have reported annoying connection problems that keep occurring while they play the game online. Additionally, there have been complaints of their screens going black or the game completely crashing. Remember that Eversoul is a brand-new game, and despite the fact that these problems are inconvenient, the developers are reportedly making every effort to fix them as soon as possible. There are currently a number of announcement of events, but not a whole lot of information about them.


Q1 Roadmap of Events​

Here are some of the upcoming events in Eversoul for this year's first quarter.

Lunar New Year Event - "Chloe's Strange Dream"​

Event period: January 19 - February 9
You can participate in the daily challenge for this New Year's Event up to three times per day. You must view the sixth event episode in order to take part in this event. The benefits you receive improve as you deal more damage. We won't give you any more information about the boss you battle since we don't want to give anything away, but her name is "Corrupt Official Chloe."

Valentine's Day Event - "Protect, Pure Valentine"​

Event Period: February
Although the timetable for this event has not yet been made public, given that it is a Valentine's Event, we anticipate that it will be released around Valentine's Day. You can assault the numerous monsters that show up on your territory throughout the event, as well as anyone on your friends list. You must watch the sixth event episode in order to activate this event which then gives you entry to Daldaguri Garden. The levels are comparable to the Dual Gates content, and finishing them gives you special event currency. This event currency can be used to buy items, town decorations, costumes, and more!

Flower Event - "Spring Blooming in your Heart"​

Event Period: March
At this time, there is no information available concerning the event itself or the exact release date. There is a Spring event in March, but that is all the information currently available.

Upcoming Character Banners​

  • Jiho - January 19
  • Bellona - Early February
  • Honglan- Mid-February
  • Erika - Early March
  • Aki - Mid-March

Pick-Up Banner Event​

  • Talia - January 26
  • Prim - Early February
  • Mica and Seeha - Late February
  • Catherine - Early March
  • Miriam - Late March

Double Rewards​

  • Double part-time job rewards - January
  • Double arena coins and labyrinth coins - Late February
  • Double Gear breakthrough rewards and Champions Arena rewards - Late March

Guild Raids​

In late March, the first patch featuring Guild Raid content will be available for you to play. Since these guild raids span for a whole week, it's wise to monitor them regularly. Guild members will be able to engage in combat with two guild bosses. The boss can only be defeated three times, and you are not permitted to utilize the same Soul more than once per day. Every guild competes with one another to climb the rankings, which affects the benefits you receive! You can use guild coins to buy unique items at the guild shop.

You can watch the video above released by Eversoul Producer Kim Cheol Hui for more information about the game's Q1 roadmap. You can also visit their official website to know more about the game.