Eversoul is an upcoming anime-style 3D collection RPG with a new teaser trailer released by Kakao Games

Developed by Korean Studio Nine Ark and published by Kakao Games, Eversoul is an upcoming anime-style collectible character mobile RPG.


Originally known as Soul Artifact, Eversoul was first shown at G-Star 2021 by Kakao Games. The game features familiar systems like relationship building (inspired by dating simulators), character nurturing, story dungeons, housing system and a lot more.


For more information about Eversoul, here are several points about the game that the CEO and Producer of Nine Ark shared during an interview:
  • Nine Ark was founded in September 2019, and currently has 70 employees. “Nine Ark” actually means the ark starting its voyage in September (hence the Nine).
  • Eversoul is described as a fantasy anime-style mobile collectible RPG featuring beautiful illustrations. It is a game where players can collect relics scattered around the world, summon spirits, and enjoy strategic battles.
  • Similar to Goddess Order, the launch schedule for Eversoul is 2022.
  • The game is currently 80% complete.
  • The key elements of the game are relics, spirits, and ark.
  • Player choices in some quests will have different endings.
  • While the graphics are good, Eversoul is only planned for mobile platforms now.
  • There is an offline idle system which compensates players, but the system is still being tweaked and nothing is confirmed. However, it seems the max duration is 4-5 hours.
  • The aim now is for Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the minimum required system.
  • There will be 40 spirits to collect at launch, with new ones being added every 1 to 2 months. • While 40 seems like a small number, the aim is to make sure no characters (or spirits) are under utilized, and all can be involved in some formations or strategies.
  • All spirits in Eversoul are females. According to the story, the first spirit born was Adam, and Eve was then born based on him. However, Adam was deemed “unstable,” hence all spirits were born through Eve.
  • Male spirits can still appear in Eversoul in the future through future collaborations or stories.
Here is the latest trailer of Eversoul: