Eversoul is celebrating the 100th day of meeting the Saviors! Releasing new Demon Soul Lizelotte with 100 free summons!

The Anime Collectible Mobile RPG with resounding global popularity — Eversoul — is releasing the new Soul 'Lizelotte', a girl shrouded in mystery, upon this update on April 6th. What new adventure will she bring? And what kind of love story will she and the Saviors have? Aren't you looking forward to it? On another note, celebrating the 100th day of meeting the Saviors is the 100 Days event. Which Soul is still missing on your team? Find them in the free summons!

'Eversoul' is 100 days old! Download it now! Available for free on Google Play and App Store. (Download Now: http://bit.ly/3i9mDnP )

Every day with you is worth celebrating! 100 free summons for 100 days!

In South Korea, there is a tradition of celebrating 100 days of being in a relationship. To commemorate the 100 days of the Saviors and the Souls being together, the dev is holding the 100 Days celebration event. "Free Summoning Ticketx10" for 10 consecutive days, you can receive 10 draws once a day during the event period. And the Saviors who log in for 10 consecutive days can get up to 100 draws! Saviors hurry up to seize this special day with the Souls, and add the Souls who have not yet been added to your team! Saviors are also reminded that they must log in continuously during the event period to get all free summoning opportunities!


Glory to darkness! What secret would a girl shrouded in darkness have?

The new Demon Soul 'Lizelotte' is a Soul that speaks with elegance and carries herself with dignity. Black lilies bloom wherever she goes, just as the fans surround her. Yet she has little interest in the world and is in constant despair. 'Lizelotte' disguises herself with calculated moves, like wearing a mask. Not even her allies know her true self. "Always a thespian, that one!" was the comment given by Undead Soul 'Petra'. 'Lizelotte', indifferent to the world around her, for she should only bloom in places void of light. Saviors! Can you save someone like her?


School Event - School in disarray! How will the Saviors restore order?

Could this be an April Fool joke? The Savior wakes inside EVER School after a good night's sleep and is forced to partake in the student union's election. Strangely, the supposed ally 'Claire' and 'Linzy' join the election as rivals. To add insult to injury, even 'Mephistopheles' has lost her memories and turned against us. Saviors! Restore peace to this chaotic school ground! In addition, completing the School Event will earn you the chance to obtain 'Linzy', 'Claire', and 'Mephistopheles' event costumes! Want to see the Souls in shiny school uniforms? Then don't miss out on this event! For further event rewards, please refer to the official announcement.


With the spring breeze blowing in April, besides celebrating the 100 Days, the dev will announce future roadmaps and events. Adding to the excitement, the developers have prepared a surprise gift for the loyal players of the game. By entering the code ""HAPPY100DAYS"", players can receive 2,100 everstones for free from today to April 15th.

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