Everything we know about Honkai: Star Rail so far

The new HoYoVerse game, Honkai: Star Rail, is undergoing its CBT and finally we're getting a broader look at the new promising game.


Looking at the surface, the game seems to have the same elements of HoYoVerse's previous works. A compelling story combined with stunning graphics and exceptional music adding intensity to its engaging gameplay. Although, not like their other games it promises to be more friendly to older devices.

Starting Story!

The players are introduced to the Herta Space Station as it is being invaded by the Antimatter Legion as Honkai: Star Rail begins. Here, the game tutorials begin, as the player get to handle the wanted Stellaron Hunter Kafka, while the game explains why Kafka and Silver Wolf snuck into the Space Station.


The enigmatic prologue that was dropped on June 10, 2022 raises several questions about the lore while also providing an excellent introduction to the game's basic combat mechanics and world. We will see this part of the prologue in this part of the game. After, the players are given a choice between a male and a female character.


When your character awakens, you are greeted by March 7th and Dan Heng, and you proceed through the station, meeting several new characters and culminating in a suspenseful boss fight and meeting with a mysterious figure.



The combat of Honkai: Star Rail is entirely turn-based. Each character has three moves available to them: a basic attack, a technique, and an ultimate. Basic attacks inflict damage on an opponent, while techniques and ultimate abilities differ greatly between characters. Buffs, high-damaging attacks, heals, and many other abilities are available.

Each character is also assigned an element, which makes them stronger or weaker against specific enemies. In combat, you can see the enemy's elemental weaknesses, letting you know which character to use to attack them. When you hit an enemy with their elemental weakness enough times, they stagger and take additional damage from that element.


Character Leveling!

Genshin Impact players do not have to crawl in the dark at the start for Honkai Star Rails' leveling is very similar to the game. Characters gain experience through combat or by using EXP items; acquiring duplicates improves their abilities and equips special gear and relics on a character, further increasing their power.


The gacha system will allow you to pull for both units and weapons to power up your account, with weapons making up the majority of your pulls. Weapons are referred to as Light Cones in this game. You can level up your favorites light cones by feeding them extra Light Cones, and you can also fuse them with dupes to enhance their unique abilities.


Characters can be leveled up normally, after which you must consume materials to ascend them and raise their level cap. Duplicate pulls are also very important in Honkai: Star Rail. Star Rail uses an Eidolon system, similar to the Constellations system in Genshin Impact, where you can raise a character's Eidolon level if you manage to pull an extra set of them.

Gacha System!

How can we forget about the gacha system. Like in Genshin Impact, Characters are also classified as 4-star or 5-star rarities. The significance of a character is determined by their function rather than their rarity. While starting characters such as Natasha can be obtained for free in the game. While the Gacha rates for Honkai Star Rail, it seems to have a guaranteed pity at the 50th roll.



While players have been playing and testing the beta for weeks now, there is still no date for the official release of the game. It has been speculated that the game may launch at the end of the year. So, stay tuned for the latest update!
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