Everything you need to know about CoD Black Ops Season 2

According to blog posts and tweets from Black Ops Cold War's developers at Treyarch and publishers at Activision, Season 2 will roll out in a multi-step procedure that begins February 23 at 12 a.m. EST.


  • Black Ops Cold War players will receive the 1.12 Season 2 update on February 24 at 12 a.m. EST. This will provide early access to the Death Machine Scorestreak and a first look at the new lobby. The rest of the content officially unlocks at 12 a.m. EST on February 25.
  • Warzone, on the other hand, gets its own Season 2 update starting February 25 at 12 a.m. EST.
What to expect from Black Ops Cold War Season 2

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 adds a wealth of new maps, modes, weapons, and skins for use across multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone. While lots of content is expected to drop between February 25 and the rest of the season, here's a recap of everything you'll be able to enjoy on day one.


  • New Operator (Naga): Kapano "Naga" Vang is a former warlord who grew rich in trafficking drugs and weapons through the notorious Golden Triangle.
  • New Weapons: The FARA 83 assault rifle [tier 15] and LC10 SMG [tier 31] join the fray. The FARA is known for its fast fire rate and damage range. The LC10 is accurate, has great range, and is well balanced for mid-range encounters.
  • Zombies Outbreak: Squads of four head to the Ural mountains for a large-scale Zombies experience. Tackle specific challenges such as hunting down elite enemies or killing all Zombies in a confined zone. You win when you're able to exfil.
  • Apocalypse map: A small-to-medium 6v6 multiplayer map set in the jungles of Laos.
  • Free-for-All Gun Game: Progress through 20 weapons and shoot anything that moves.
  • Other tools: The Death Machine Scorestreak, Sedan, and Light Truck vehicles are being added to select maps.
  • Warzone: Expect new PoIs in Verdansk, both at sea and underground. Rebirth Island Resurgence Extreme also offers a 90-player Rebirth experience where players can respawn on a cooldown timer as long as one squad member remains alive.
  • Other balance tweaks: We'll likely learn about other balance tweaks when the Season 2 patch notes arrive on February 24.

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