Everything You Need to Know Before Playing Dragon Nest Mobile


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Aug 12, 2015
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Dragon Nest Mobile Kicked off final beta test in China on December 7. Some players have already dived into the game, but the language could be the problem. So I prepare a newbie guide for you guys.

1. What’s the release date for Dragon Nest Mobile?
According to the official announcement, the game will be officially released for Android and iOS in Q1 2017.

2. How many playable classes in game? Which one is the best for beginners?
There are 4 classes available for the moment, namely warrior, wizard, priest, and archer.

Best choice for beginners or players who like to be a tank.

If you like to team up with other players, the powerful healing and buff abilities will make priest the most popular class everywhere.

If you’re confident in operations and like kiting monsters, archer will be an ideal options for you.

Most skills of wizard have a long cooldown time. I won’t recommend this class if it’s the first time to play Dragon Nest related games.

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3. I have played Dragon Nest before, but I am sick of the 3D graphics. Do you fix the problem in mobile version?
Compared with the PC version, players can freely switch from 3D non-targeting system from 2.5D targeting system in Dragon Nest Mobile. So players won’t have much trouble in 3D sickness.

4. I’m not good at operations and the PC version requires a lot in operations, so I quit the game after playing it for a while. How about the mobile version?

The skills are optimized, so all the players can get used to the operations soon. Just like mobile MOBA, players will be able to pass dungeons easily with normal attack and 4-5 skills. But after reaching higher lvl, even an old Dragon Nest player can feel stressed since it’s much more difficult to complete the dungeons. During the dungeons, player can except some interesting gameplay from Monopoly.

5. I’m an old DN fan, what’s the most attractive part of mobile version?
Based on the classic IP, Dragon Nest Mobile inherits the same world view. Players can see familiar characters like Geraint and Algerta. What’s more, you can team up with these characters in certain dungeons.

With static balance system and ladder system, players will be enjoy fair PVP. So PVP is more about operations but not how much money you have spent in game.

Apart from dancing, emotions, selfie, players can also enjoy farming and fishing in the home system. What’s more, there is a radio system that allows player to chat with famous anchors.

6. Is it pay to win? What’s the most effective way to spend my money?
It’s a free to play game without VIP system. The cash shop only sells value-added items like fashion, materials, and mounts. We have 3 types of monthly card, namely 12 RMB (1.5 USD), 18 RMB (2 USD), 30 RMB (4.5 USD). Different monthly cards have different bonus. For example, the 12 RMB monthly card will allow players to level up their mounts faster and increase their stamina.

Closed beta benefit: All the players can get 150% diamonds they buy during the beta test when the game is officially released.

7. Will it take a lot of time to play?
It take about 1 hour to complete 80% of the daily quests.

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