EVO going online, the problem of online esports with netcode


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Dec 31, 2019
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Dranreb Pabilona
With all that is happening with the world right now, we've been covering events that have been cancelled lately because of the Coronavirus. Some events got delayed this year that they moved it to the next year or maybe an indefinite time. Games have been delayed because of the travel restrictions across the globe and other events have resorted to online multiplayer options to continue the event, despite the problematic connection of today's internet and netcode of each game. Let's talk about these stuff and how we should proceed in my opinion.

Let's talk about first the esports events. Electric sports or esports have gained traction from a simple tournament back then in the past decade. From a classic matchup from various regions to face the competitors to a huge scale tournament across the globe for a huge sum of price, now that is indeed groundbreaking. People have also been involved in the event. The audience like to see the event up close and feel the vibe of the tournament just like physical sports and they relish in the feeling if their team won against the enemy. The difference between an esport game and a physical sport is diminishing even further. But that comes along with the challenge. Events like what we are experiencing right now, is an issue to those who are participating and hosting the event as it delays them from doing more activities like this, and people's livelihood depends on it.

Yes, since the players are getting paid and jobs are created, this indeed seems to be a problem that needs to be addressed. But thankfully, there are various ways of playing a game if the option is available. Such as online multiplayer, in the past few days, EVO has announced that they will be making the event only on online due to the reasons that mass gatherings not allowed. And it is a wise move until you consider that online games need to furnish their netcode. Netcode, which basically refers to the networking of online games, such as their synchronization, crashes and lag in games. A lot of people have been commenting in the issue that since EVO is going online, they worry about the quality of the online matches for players. Since you need to go online, there's a lot of things to consider.

The servers need to be fast and quick in order to synchronize your moves with your fighter. The response time need to be stellar to avoid delays in hitting your enemy. Remember that fighting games are action oriented and every movement matters. If a single block will eventually lead to a victory then you should consider that these things are important. if the ping rate suddenly drop, good luck responding to your enemy if they can respond at all too. Another thing worth mentioning in online multiplayer is the lobbies. Good luck connecting to other players in games IF the lobby system is not effective. Therefore, a lot of people think that EVO will not be smooth because of the system that they plan to implement it.

This should be a thing that fighting games and other online games that have esports tournament need to focus on when implementing a game that would be in an esport competition. In times like this where the world is slowly changing due to the events that are transpiring today. Innovating your online multiplayer is a great way for the pros and other players to play the game. Other than the benefit of availability of playing a game anywhere. Online interaction and gameplay can be further elaborated to those who want to practice being competitive or just want to have a great time with other players across the world. A good netcode will only make the game better. Don't you agree?