Exciting New Collaborations are Happening in Onmyoji Arena

Fireworks Festival Events will Go Live in Heian-Kyo, NetEase Games' fair-play MOBA Onmyoji Arena has announced today at the NetEase Games' Sixth Annual Product Launch, a new collaboration with the globally popular mascot from Japan -- Kumamon. In addition, other collaborations and a series of Fireworks Festival events are set to go live in Heian-Kyo.

In Collaboration with the Popular Mascot, Kumamon will be Visiting Heian-kyo

As a nationally popular mascot in Japan, Kumamon has always been a very popular bringer of happiness loved by everyone, and his every appearance brings countless happiness and surprises. We are now officially announcing that the Onmyoji Arena x Kumamon crossover has been confirmed!

Soon, Kumamon will make his way to the world of Heian-kyo for an unexpected adventure. What will happen when Kumamon, who is committed to spread joy and happiness to people, meets with the shikigami of Heian-kyo? Are you excited for Kumamon's visit?

Collaboration with Legend of the Fantasy Sprites brings a Collision of Chinese and Japanese Spirit

Onmyoji Arena has also announced an in-depth collaboration with NetEase Games' Chinese Spirit RPG Card Game Legend of the Fantasy Sprites . This will bring the popular character Dai Shimei to Heian-Kyo as a new Shikigami.

Meanwhile, Shuten Dojii and Ibaraki Doji will get a Chinese Tang dynasty style skin - Cheers Series Skin.

The fusion of Chinese Tang dynasty style and Japanese Hei-an period style will surely bring a different gaming experience to Onmyoji Arena.

New Shikigami Suzuka Gozen Arrive in Heian-Kyo

The new SSR Shikigami - Suzuka Gozen(Position: Marksman) is about to join the Heian-Kyo! It is the very first time that Onymoji Arena introduce a new Shikigami together with the RPG Game Onymoji at the same time.

Suzuka Gozen, the former lord of Suzuka Mountain, who always break through the limit and conquer obstacles with faith and will. Suzuka Gozen is surely a strong combat force in the arena.

The Theme of the Fireworks Festival is Revealed

The Fireworks festival is a tradition and carnival in Heian-Kyo. This year's Firework season activities are officially scheduled on July 3. Rich in-game bonuses and surprises will be released to all enthusiastic onmyojis.

A summer full of fun and surprises awaits, stay tune for more!

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GUANGZHOU, China - May 20th, 2020

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