Exciting Things We've Seen In The New Death Stranding Trailer PS4 

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Aug 14, 2018
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It's finally here. A confirmed release date for the game that is the brainchild of the enigmatic genius who's well known in the gaming sphere, Hideo Kojima. Death Stranding featured a released date trailer yesterday, and boy oh boy do gamers around the world freaked out, as well as probably getting as confused as one can be. Here's the link for it in case you missed it. We can wait.

Personally, this would be the first time that I've seen an 8 minute trailer and still unable to figure out what the game is really about. Although, this is not a bad thing seeing that we'll finally see something new. So here are a couple of things that the internet has agreed that they're excited about.

A Dystopian World

Say what you want, but the dystopian genre allows game developers to intermingle different genres or plot devices into it without sound to farfetched. In the new trailer, we see a world that looks like it's recuperating from a global disaster. But according to Kojima:
"In the near future, mysterious explosions have rocked the globe, setting off a series of supernatural events known as the Death Stranding. With otherworldly creatures plaguing the landscape, and mass extinction imminent, it’s up to Sam Porter Bridges to travel across the ravaged wasteland and save humanity from impending annihilation. "

What've we've seen so far in the new trailer? Engineer looking characters who're equipped to explore the recovering wastelands. I say recovering because of the trees and greeneries around, although I could be wrong because there is a giant bird killing storm cloud spitting out black goo out of it, so that's bad news. We have other faction that's going to be hindering your progress throughout the game. So far so good.


Oh look, the baby thing is back. And look, it's featured more this time, and oh my god that thing is creepy. So it's contained in a flask, worn as part of the engineer's suit. What does it do? So, from preliminary deduction based on the game trailer, which again did not help us establish anything concretely at all, it shows that the baby....tool thing is a device that will be used to help players cross back into a reality/dimension that they belong to. We assume this as we've seen in the gameplay that players are unwillingly transported back to a time in the past, most likely during World War 1. So it's safe to assume that there will be certain areas in the game featuring these shattered time anomaly. And we've seen a bunch of broken and modified baby....tools, so yes.

Oh look there's combat! Now we're talking! So there's looting, combat, and your vehicles for you to commandeer. At this point, it is uncertain whether you can take over enemy vehicles or only use yours, but what I can probably predict is the map size would be huge, considering the need for vehicles to explore the map. There are also glimpses of using guns, as seen in the World War 1 portion, though there were future guns showed in the cutscenes. Sidenote: Looking at the detail of the game environment just gets me worked up again about the quality of Mass Effect Andromeda.


We're finally getting to see the list of characters that we'll encounter in the game. First off, the motion capture of the actors and actresses are amazing, featuring detailed faces and features that give the characters an almost life feel to them. And like any other Kojima's game, we're probably going to get a lot of over the top acting and scenes, sprinkled with ridiculous scenes. Don't take my word for it. Just look at the name of some of the characters. The trademark whacky names include Fragile, Deadman, Die-Hardman and probably more to come. The tone of the trailer with Apocalyptica's Path playing in the background tuned the Cool factor to the max allowing us to forgo the silly names.

The motion capture feature works well for the characters and some of the actors such as Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux and Mads Mikkelsen are all well known to play intense and cool characters in their movie roles. All in all, it's definitely set up to be an intense looking game. And hey look! Guillermo Del Toro is in this too!

Game Mechanics

Nothing much is shown as to the game mechanics as to a couple of basic stuff such as running, interacting with items, as well as combat. So we might need to wait for the game to be released to understand what is up with the game mechanics.


At this point of time, there's no way anyone could give a fair verdict on what's about to hit the PS4 console in November. A rather new concept of gaming, which will introduce and reuse new concepts that will probably bring about a new gaming experience. All we got were bits and pieces of the gameplay, together with some plot and some mechanics. It doesn't really give us the full picture. Is this another Metal Gear Solid ported into a different scenario? Or is this a totally new game which borrows aesthetic features of Kojima's older masterpieces? Only time will tell. What excited you the most from watching the trailer?