Exclusive Global License for Dark and Darker mobile has been acquired by Krafton

KRAFTON recently completed a licensing agreement with the game production company Ironmace. The agreement relates to the game Dark and Darker's intellectual property (IP) rights. Through this tactical alliance, KRAFTON was able to get the exclusive global license for developing a mobile game based on the Dark and Darker IP.


About the Game​

The game Dark and Darker, which takes place in a medieval fantasy environment, has become well-known for its innovative fusion of dungeon crawler adventure and battle royale survival elements. International players have shown a lot of interest in the game due to the intricate struggle for survival and advancement and the constant tension felt while playing.

dad (1).jpg

KRAFTON has recognised Dark and Darker's accomplishments on the global market. In particular, the corporation is now aware of Dark and Darker's success in captivating a global audience with its original intellectual property and creative entertainment, launching a new creative direction in the global market.

"We strongly respect various evaluations from the global fans to the original IP. In addition, we hope that the potential of the original IP that had shown a new possibility in the global market will continue to live on." -Rafael Lim, Sr. Head of the Publishing Business Division, Krafton

A new mobile game is now being developed by Bluehole Studio, a separate organization under KRAFTON. KRAFTON is now debating whether to include the Dark and Darker game franchise in their upcoming game lineup.