Execration’s MLBB Roster will be released Due to “Unfortunate Circumstances”

Execration has announced on their Facebook page a very saddening news to their fans and explained why they made this sudden move.


Posted on their Facebook page two days ago, June 23, Execration announced that due to “unfortunate circumstances” the team will be dissolved. This announcement was really shocking since it came after their win in the concluded Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (2021) after defeating the undefeated Blacklist International MLBB team prior to the grand finals of the tournament.

“Due to unfortunate circumstances, we are supporting the current Execration ML team by finding an ideal organization where they can continue to thrive and find success” the general manager for LuponWXC EJ Miranda said in the statement posted on their Facebook page.

The management of Execration is currently working on the new team that the roster will play for. This decision may be connected to the reason that Execration failed to secure a franchise spot for the upcoming MPL season. It is rumored that the season 8 of MPL will shift to a franchise-style league which will be similar to the one of their Indonesian counterpart.

Don’t be sad though, Exe fans since Execration hinted that the previous season of MPL that they played on is not the last game of the team. They made an assurance through commenting on their own post that they shall return. It is further confirmed that there will be a comeback when Z4pnu stated that Execration will be whole again once they have secured a franchise spot in the future MPL seasons.

It may be a waste that there will be no Execration that will play in this upcoming season of MPL especially after they have won in the MLBB SEA Cup but this is something that they have no control over. Let’s just wait for their comeback and wish them luck for their new teams.