Exomecha will be released in August for Xbox One and Xbox Series X

ExoMecha will be available in August for Xbox One and Xbox Series X, with a 4K high fidelity mode and a 120fps mode on Xbox Series X. And it'll be free-to-play. Beta sign-ups are now live for, EXOMECHA, a very cool-looking new multiplayer FPS with epic battles where you can use gadgets, special abilities, and huge mechs to blast your way through a robot-filled planet.


Exomecha is based on the planet Omecha, where a multitude of species is fighting for control of Omecha's numerous resources. Wide squad fights, a battle royale mode, boss battles, and a number of gameplay types can all be found in ExoMecha. Players can pilot their own mech and can equip weapons such as swords and shields for both long-range and melee combat. Furthermore, despite the fact that players will be battling each other, they can also share a shared foe in the form of an immense AI-controlled dragon who appears at random.

In this gameplay trailer, there is a lot of action to be found. The majority of the battles take place on a beach, where players kill each other, blow each other up, and carry out sly executions that opponents seem to tolerate. There's even a wide range of mechs and tanks to wreck havoc with. In addition to the totally-not-a-Warthog, players can pilot an attack helicopter, a tank, and a spider-bot. Plays should still use a massive mech, since nothing beats a good old-fashioned giant robot war. Players will also surf on rockets thanks to the game's mechanics.

Coming to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, EXOMECHA is a competitive multiplayer FPS with multiple game modes (including battle royale and an objective-based game mode) with fast-paced first-person combat and huge metallic monstrosities to blast. As well as fighting on-foot, you’ll also be able to jump into vehicles and agile mechs, and there are even some jaw-dropping bosses to battle too – such as a giant metallic fire-breathing dragon.

According to its developer, TwistedRed;
“Exomecha is a brand new free-to-play online competitive first-person shooter that takes place in OMECHA, a new and untouched planet with exotic environments. Exomecha offers you a breathtaking gaming experience with its flexible playing style, mechs, unique gadgets and abilities, and boss battles. Exomecha is an immersive experience with team-based large-scale battles, a unique battle royale game mode, and an objective-based game mode.”

Interested players can sign-up for the Beta version here: