Expansion Pack for the Pinoy-developed game, The Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations is out now!


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Feb 16, 2021
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Rafael Villamor
With the release of the new RTS game, The Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations, Pinoy game developer Tiger Yan has done it again. This time with a free downloadable expansion pack called Wider War. Wider War adds new units and maps while also showing the side effects of war across Laos and Cambodia.

The Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations is an RTS game that takes place during the Vietnam war. The game’s creator, Tiger Yan just finished the game last year despite starting development back in 2003.

In a recent interview, Yan said “I started creating The ‘Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations way back in 2003 but work and life were more important, so the project was mothballed for 17 years. Like everyone else, the Covid-19 outbreak forced me to stay home most of 2020. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to learn basic programming and finally finish what I started”. The Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations released last year to good reviews from fans on Facebook and Youtube.

With all that’s happening now with the pandemic and unemployment, it’s good to know that people are supporting our local talents especially those in the video game industry. The new expansion pack, Wider War is free to download right now.