Extopia Battle Royale

Extopia is a free multiplayer battle royale game. Players battle in a huge 8KM X 8KM world, loot their weapons and gears as soon as they can in order to defeat other players. Build and strategize against your opponents with the building features, there will only be one winner! Join us at Extopia!

Customization is a core part of Extopia Battle Royale Gaming Experience. Extopia is a free multiplayer battle royale game. There will only be one winner! Join us at Extopia!

Edit and customize the appearance of your weapon. Unleash your creativity!

Glam up and design your very own unique look from head to toe!

Created using Unreal Engine Design, we bring to you the best gaming experience you've ever had!

How to Play?
Alpha test will begin on Aug 28 2018 you can grap a key here http://event.cibmall.net/extopia-alpha

Get permanent exclusive rewards in CLOSE BETA!
  • Peach Shades
  • Peach Shades
  • Aviator Suit (F)
  • Polygon Parachute

MISSION #1 Special Daily Bonus
Join the Alpha Test and redeem exclusive daily rewards! Assemble your mates and start your engines!
  • DAY 1 | EX Chips *3000
  • DAY 2 | Limited Edition Newbie Costume: Sandstone·Set (10D) *1, Fearless Parachute (10D) *1
  • DAY 3 | Accessories-Hacker(10D) *1, Desert-Set (10D) *1
  • DAY 4 | (Rare) M16-ST·Nightfire (10D) *1, AK47-ST-Enlightenment (10D) *1
  • DAY 5 | Cosmetic Bag Package *1
  • DAY 6 | EX Chips *100000
  • DAY 7 | EX Chips *1000000

MISSION #2 Level up Bonus
More rewards for everyone as you Level up! Redeem rare rewards upon achieving the target!

LEVEL 10 |
  • Eye Decoration - Lemon(10D) *1
  • (Rare)Elixir Boost *1
LEVEL 15 |
  • (Rare) AKM-PW·Blackwater (10D) *1
  • The Diamond Queen/King (10D) *1
  • Doma Rose/Magic Flame (10D) *1
  • Tavern system unlocked
LEVEL 20 |
  • (Rare) AK47-ST·Hiphop (10D) *1
  • Unlock 5th Elixir Booster slot
LEVEL 25 |
  • (Epic) Museum Max-scale-M16-ST-Solution (10D) *1
MISSION #4 Stay-online Bonus
Stay logged in for up to 20 minutes to enjoy special rewards.
  • Accumulate stay online for 10 minutes | EX Chips *18800
  • Accumulate stay online for 15 minutes | F2000-FX·Obsidian (3D) *1
  • Accumulate stay online for 20 minutes | Willpower Set (3D) *1
  • Accumulate stay online for 20 minutes | (Uncommon) Weapon Pack *1

  • STEP #1 Log in with Facebook to claim your Alpha Key.
  • STEP #2 Download coming soon.
  • STEP #3 Your Alpha key is to be used as your Log in ID & Password.

Recommended Specs
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher (64 bit only)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4750 or higher
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX660
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Harddisk Space: 30 GB
Best Specs
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher (64 bit only)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4790 or higher
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX1060
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Harddisk Space: 30 GB


What is my Log In ID , and Password for Extopia?
Log in ID and Password will appear after you have done the login with Facebook step.
Copy it to the client as ID and Password.

Is this Alpha test a wipe version?
All Alpha test accounts are wiped , although we have other rewards in place for you Alpha Testers in CBT.

Why is Alpha only 1 week?
We are testing the game performance ( in development ) and stress testing the servers to get players feedback regards to Extopia.

When is the official launch of Extopia ?
Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates in regards to Extopia.

Why is Extopia not available in my region?
We are looking to test its performance in selected region. Stay tuned to our Facebook for its official launch.
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