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    Facebook is now ready to compete in the gaming world which today will be the launch of the GameRoom, we are not talking about farmville or candy crush here the application is an dedicated PC application which give the Facebook gamers a new gaming platform tool. Then again, gamers could decide that Facebook is too casual a platform for blockbuster titles and opt instead for more traditional online retailers like Steam. Gameroom let users play web, ported mobile and native Gameroom games in a dedicated PC app free from the distractions of the News Feed.


    Facebook announced the launch and name change from “Facebook Games Arcade” today at Unity’s game development platform conference. Unity 5.6 shipping next year will allow developers to export their games directly to Facebook Gameroom, as well as to the WebGL standard. Simply put, Facebook Gameroom for PC gaming project is a native Windows project available as a free download, including web, native and ported mobile games to players worldwide.

    Within the Facebook Gameroom, players can experience both web games and native games built with the API and comes with features such as:
    • Ability to continue game progress across different platforms.
    • Choice between high, low and medium graphics.
    • Less than 10-second loading time as per the company's claims.
    • Zip bundles within 10MB.
    • Ability to upload all creative assets in the app centre.

    source via facebook
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