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    So i found this FAQ about facebook gaming hope it helps

    We noticed that there are a lot of repeat questions that come up in posts that have already been answered in this group (which is why they end up deleted or not approved), so we'll round up some of the top ones to hopefully make it easier! Reminder, if you're having account issues, please log them at fb.gg/support as this is not an account support group.

    ⭐ How do I become a partner?⭐
    The program is invite only. Partners get access to features earlier to test. Building a positive community with plenty of interaction, continuously growing your channel, and creating great content all help increase your chances of getting noticed.

    ⭐ How do I get supporters?⭐
    This is in the early stages of testing right now. There is no way to apply for it at the moment.

    ⭐ When do I get paid for Stars?⭐
    When you hit $100 in Stars, it's approximately another 60 days before you get paid, and depending on when in the month you hit this, it could be the next cycle so up to 90. We are working on shortening this time.

    ⭐ What do the Star tiers mean? ⭐
    The tiers represent how many hours you stream, the more you stream, the higher the tier. The higher the tier, the higher the chances of free Stars dropping in your stream for viewers. None of this is guaranteed as it's random. Note that not all countries have Stars enabled so not every viewer will receive them.

    ⭐ Why can't I download my videos in 1080p? ⭐
    1080p downloads aren't available yet. All videos are archived in 720p.

    ⭐ Why can't I stream more than 4 hours? ⭐
    It's currently capped at 4 hours and we're actively working on making this longer. You can do a continuous stream but it won't count toward Level Up hours and your video won't archive. You can record your video from your PC instead.

    ⭐ Can I stream on multiple platforms? ⭐
    As a Level Up member you aren't limited to streaming on one platform but note that other platforms may have limitations. This isn't recommended as it's harder to build community engagement when your attention is in mulitple places.

    ⭐ How do I get more followers?⭐
    Great engaging content that people want to come back for. Encourage your live viewers to follow and set their notifications. Don't do it in your post. There are best practices here: https://www.facebook.com/fbgamingho…/creators/best-practices

    ⭐Why don't I have a Level Up badge? ⭐
    The Level Up badge will appear if you use the video template for your page.

    ⭐ Where can I get non-copyrighted music so I don't get my video muted? ⭐

    ⭐ Why won't my post get approved?⭐
    Chances are you posted a question that has been answered or it's related to your account. This group is primarily for announcements and group discussion. Also we don't approve self-promotional posts and livestream shares.
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    About Free Facebook Stars

    *Facebook Stars are only available to members of Level Up and managed partners.*

    Free Stars may randomly be given to your viewers. The chances of receiving free Stars can increase based on the number of hours you stream and your tier. The more you stream, the more likely your viewers will get free Stars.

    The tiers are:

    - Bronze Tier: stream 0-15 hours within the last 7 days.
    - Silver Tier: stream 15-30 hours within the last 7 days.
    - Gold Tier: stream 30+ hours within the last 7 days.

    Your stream must be tagged with the corresponding game in order to be eligible. If you don't tag your game, your viewers won't be eligible for free Stars and your streams won't count toward the tiers.
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    Sharing your Schedule

    The best way to let your community know when you're going live is to share a schedule ahead of time and be consistent.

    = Introducing a better way to share your schedule

    We're introducing a better way to set and share your live stream schedule! We've created a simple tool to organize your schedule and we've made it easy for users to discover your schedule. It's backed by Facebook Events so you reap the benefits of all other Events — fans will be able to RSVP, receive notifications, easily share with their communities and more!

    == Set Your Schedule

    Head over to the dashboard and look for the “Schedule” tool. Click on “Add Event” and fill out the relevant details. If your schedule is the same weekly, then create a reoccurring event so you can fire and forget. In the description, prioritize making it as easy as possible to discover your fb.gg URL. That'll be the key to connecting people with your content (particularly when you're live). If you know which game you'll be playing, include that too!

    == What Users See

    Your schedule will potentially be displayed in two key locations of your page. If you've migrated to the Video Page template, users will see the Events tab and a Schedule module in the Home tab on desktop only. If you're still on the Default template, users will see only the Events tab.
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    Starting the first week of January, 2019 payment terms for Stars will switch from Net 60 to Net 30, which means payouts will be received 30 days after the month ends instead of 60!

    ~ FAQ ~

    When will the change take effect?
    - Jan 2, 2019

    What does this mean for my payouts?
    - October and November and Stars will be paid out in the first week of January. (Double payment in January!)
    - December stars will be paid out the first week of February, and so on, moving forward.
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    If you've been flagged and can't stream

    For anyone who is unable to stream because they've been flagged for a violation that you're unclear about. Does it say you violated copyright? Nudity? Monetization? What's the message that comes up?

    If you already received a response from support, please grab a screenshot of that as well.
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    New Recommended Stream Settings
    We recently updated our recommendations for optimum video quality. Please note that these settings may vary based on the type of game you're streaming. It's always good to experiment to see what works best for you.

    - 1080p60fps - use 6Mbps
    - 1080p30fps - use 6Mbps
    - 720p60fps - use 3Mbps
    - 720p30fps - use 3Mbps

    A few notes:
    1. OBS bitrate is in Kbps, so 10Mbps is 10,000Kbps in OBS.
    2. If you are unable to stream 1080p you may need to regenerate your stream key if you're currently using a persistent one.
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