Facebook threats ML content creators from attending M1 tournament

With the hype surrounding the M1 tournament of MLBB which is being held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, people are excited to watch and be there not only to support and cheer on their favorite teams but to meet some content creators and gaming personalities on the event.

However, Facebook has issued a message to their content creators, saying that attending the event would be a violation of “terms and conditions as a Facebook Gaming Managed Creator”. Effectively hindering "Facebook managed creators", from attending the said event.

Streamers and content creator from Facebook may be banned from using the FB gaming platform if they are to be seen in the event. Facebook states that because M1 is sponsored by YouTube Gaming, there will be a conflict of interest if content creators with contracts on Facebook are to be seen in the event.

According to some sources, Facebook gaming was originally approached by Moontoon to sponsor the M1 event, but ultimately went with YouTube Gaming, which might have left a bad impression on Facebook, resulting in this decision.

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular games in SEA region, and most content creators and streamers will most likely want to cover and attend this event as it marks a starting point in the history of Mobile Legends.

What is your stance on this issue?

Update November 12 6:00 PM (GMT +8):
The original article published by IGN SEA was removed last 12 Nov around 5:40 PM (GMT +8). We are currently investigating any updates regarding the matter.

Update November 15: "Facebook Gaming Official Statement"
"Thank you for reaching out. As you know Facebook Gaming works to provide a platform for gaming live video creators to build and grow their communities on Facebook. We appreciate all the work and commitment that our community has to live stream their content exclusively on our platform and represent Facebook Gaming in the wider community.

We are aware that an internal letter was distributed publicly and we wanted to clarify some of the misconceptions that this caused.

We don’t restrict any creator from attending industry events. We do provide guidelines to our creators on best practice to represent Facebook Gaming in the community.

We always welcome feedback, and will continuously adjust our policies as this new, passionate, and rapidly evolving gaming live stream industry grows, in order to make Facebook Gaming the best platform for creators to build their communities."

A response from Facebook Gaming