Fairy Tail: Power Awakening RPG Now On Its Closed Beta Test

Guild of Guardians
Anime fans will surely love to hear that they can now also play as their own favorite wizards in a mobile game as Babeltime currently launched Fairy Tail: Power Awakening on its Closed Beta Test.

The game, like the majority of mobile games today, uses a gacha system for players to acquire colorful and powerful wizards like Natsu Dargneel and Erza Scarlet from the popular anime and manga by Hiro Mashima. It also comes with an auto-battle mode and offline idle mode features that are common yet still a welcome element in any mobile games. In manual mode, however, players can have the option to distribute tactically blue mana to their characters to unleash their ultimate skills.

Fairy Tail: Power Awakening is currently exclusive in China regions but we are crossing our fingers that it will also have a global launch for all the fans of the Fairy Tail all over the world. Let us know if you want to try the game by posting your comment below!