Fall Guys Studio Responds To the Rise of Cheaters

We've been all expecting this news since the day Fall Guys exploded in the market. It might look friendly, magical, and fun battle royale to play with friends and family. But, we know that there will always be people who just loves to feed their ego, ruin the game, and watch as the whole world burn.

Taskmaster a.jpg

With 2 million copies sold on Steam and possible millions more copies from PS Plus, Fall Guys: Knockout created an absolute madness in the gaming industry. The battle royale genre is a real trend, but, nobody expected it to be this cute and family friendly. And it became its source of attention and success. Unfortunately, whether it is a battle royale or not, cheaters will appear.

I mean, just look at that. It's clearly a speed hack. Personally, I'll be straightforward, cheating is never fun. It's fine if you're playing a solo game without bothering any scoreboard or community. It's already frustrating to see Warzone hackers ruining an intensive game. But, ruining a cute game just to feed your ego? Come on guys.

Most of the cheaters came from PC users who utilizes third-party software. The only way for now to take care of them is by reporting. But, it's not a permanent solution. Cheaters will always pop up for as long as the cheat exists.

A representative from Mediatonic, the developer of Fall Guys, told Polygon press that they're working on a fix and added "Cheating takes away from everyone’s enjoyment of the game.”

To assure the community that they've fully noticed the rise of cheaters, they even posted on Twitter. Even until now, you'll be able to find multiple video clips that features these disgusting players using cheats. If you haven't get enough of their stupidity, here's a small clip from Julien D with the hilarious Initial D's Deja Vu music cover featuring a speed hacker.

It may seem funny watching them win the game without making any sense from clips. But, it's no longer funny when you get to play with these animals. Who knows? Maybe ScriptKid will notice it too and create, once again, a click bait software to ruin these cheaters' lives.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout achieved a peak of 114,000 players on Steam last Friday, August 7. It took the #4 spot on Steam's Most Played Games faster than me learning Mathematics within days. I'm looking forward in buying this game with my friends soon. Because, why not? I know you all want it too. Let's all see each other in the arena have fun FAIRLY.