Fallout 4 Screenshots Highlight Lighting

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    Bethesda has announced how huge enhancements made to its Creation Engine have benefited Fall out 4 and its graphical fidelity. According to Bethesda, they added a new physically based deferred renderer has allowed the team to add "many more" dynamic lighting effects to every scene
    Fallout 4 has more graphic details and enhancements in-game.

    Meaning that the in-game paint should be more realistic.
    "We want objects and characters in the world to feel tactile and grounded, and a big part of that is ensuring that these materials are distinct--that metal reflects light in a distinct manner from wood, for example," Bethesda said.

    The publisher also worked with Nvidia to create a new volumetic lighting system to benefit atmospheric effects in Fallout 4 such as the "god rays" you can see in the image above.

    source via gamespot

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