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May 11, 2015
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Genre: Fanfiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Characters: All heroes in MLBB

Tag: #MLAddict #Legends #Victory #Defeat

Welcome to Mobile Legends. Five seconds to the enemy reach the battlefield. Smash them, All troops deployed

*Author's POV*
Oops, Let's rewind to know all


Nana: Grand Cyclops, are you the most old in this world?

Cyclops: Of course, I live here by 1,000 years

Nana: So, what is the story of this world?

Cyclops: Okay, hmm, how can i start? Ahem

*Cyclop's POV*

1,000 years before the present days, after this world was created. They have a 2 sibling gods. They are Freya and Argus. They create many territories. Because of the bad personality of Argus, he started a war which a war happened. Argus has many demons. I detained in the dungeon by 20 years. The parents of Alucard want to defeat Argus, but it was failed. His parents died in front of him. The hunters destroyed the gate which me and Alucard escaped. I don't know what happened to him. So, let's get back. I saw in my eyes, that a boys with a masks, they defeat Argus. Freya go down to earth to bring the souls of the heroes to heaven. Freya say to the warriors to keep Argus sword, because when Argus resurrected and take the sword, the war begins.

Nana: That's harsh

Cyclops: Yeah

Nana: And why you have only one eye?

Cyclops: I was blessed because i see anything 360 degrees even though at the back i saw her

Nana: Who?

Cyclops: Eudora, why are you hiding at the wall?

Eudora: Master, i got a news

Cyclops: What is it Eudora?

Eudora: There's a visitor on the outside and i never know them

Cyclops: Ok, Let them enter

Miya and Layla: Grand Cyclops

Cyclops: Oh Miya and Layla

Miya: Our mid lane is under attack by the unknown warrior

Cyclops: Let's see

To be continued...

Author's note:
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