Fanny Full In-Depth Guide


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Apr 22, 2019
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Fanny is an assassin specialized Charge/Reap. Fanny is known as the most difficult hero to use but fanny is liko no other. Familiarizing the map really helps you to avoid loosing your energy. Fanny is murderer flying socer sh*t killing machine.

¤Skills Review
>Passive: Air Superiority
~According to her flying speed, Fanny' s damage while flying can increase by 15% - 30% and will leave a Prey mark to the target which can stack up to 2 times. Dealing dmg to enemies with the Prey mark will regen Fanny' s energy, 10 pts per layer.

>1st skill: Tornado strike
~Fanny whirls her blade, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies.

>2nd skill: Steel Cable
~Throws out a cable that draws her to the first obstacle that it hits. Each successive use will decrease mana cost. If energy is sufficient, tornado strike will be triggered.

>3rd skill: Cut throat
~Initiates an attack on enemy, dealing physical damage. If it hits an enemy with a prey mark, damage will increase per layer.

¤Core Items
So fanny work with her spellvamp the stronger the spellvamp she have the higher the chance to fight 1v5 at the same time. So here are the core items that fanny should have.

>Bloodlust axe
~This item is perfect for Fanny, since she needs a spellvamp. This item gives you 20% spellvamp. [Also gives 70% physical attk and 10% cd].
I suggest, ito ang unahin niyong i-build.

>Blade of Despair
~Fanny needs more damage, blade of despair gives 170% of physical attack and 10% of movement spd. Unique passive ~ deals extra damage when enemy is in abnormal state.

>Golden Rose Meteor
~This item gives ~60% of physical attk ~ 30% of magical resistance ~ 5% lifesteal and a uniqua passive life - line ~ gain a shield that can absorb 510~1350 damage (Increase with level) when HP is below 30%. The effect has a 30 second cooldown.

Admin Rekusu suggested build

*Bloodlust axe
*Warior boots
*Blade of despair
*Golden Rose Meteor
*Athena' s shield [OPTIONAL]
*Immortality [OPTIONAL]

You can also choose for Blade of heptasease


¤Emblem set

Pag Mukang pera ka ~ to immediately get items
> equip assassin emblem } Bounty Hunter
~Lvl. 20 Bounty hunter ~ kill an enemy hero to earn extra 100 good, up to 1300.

For early clash
>equip fighter emblem } Festival Blood
~Lvl. 30 Festival blood ~ Gain 8% os spell vamp. Killing every enemy hero grants 1%bof spellvamp (up to 12%)



》Early game - at the start of the game, buy huntrers knife and go proceed to the bot buff and ask for your teamates help. (Kapag may kasama k sa farm save mu muna yung retribution para pang secure ng crabs at turtle). When you got the buff clear the minions wave then wait mu kung may kukuha ng crab sa bot, i-wall spam mo kapag mamatay na yung crab, if wala namang kumuha ng crab go farm and get the crab and turtles. Always kill marksman cuz they are the weakest ib early game. Mages and assassins like fanny is strong and more durable.

》Mid game - avoid ganks cuz marksman are getting stronger. I suggest proceed ro push while your teamates are busy getting kills. If necessary alwaya kill the enemy that is in solo lane.

》Late game - at this state lvl you need to play safe, marksman are muck stronger than you but fanny can make change of that. At this late game game play, make sure to kill the damage dealers to prevent enemies winning over you. U need to cooperate to your teamates and a food communication with them.

"A team works as one, makes a match won!!"
~admin RéķůśU

**** 5 IS STRONGER THAN 1 ****

Still this is based on my gameplay

¤Tips & Tricks
~ Now that you know the basics on how to play fanny, its time for some tips and tricks.

>Equip retribution as your only battle spell. It helps U to secure farms and hepls u farm more quickly.

>Equip hunters knife at the start of the game.

>Always get a buff.

>Go and solo the bot lane.

>Hunt the markmans and mages.

>Before using your ulti ( Cut throat ) make sure you stack up your prey mark up to 2 in order your enemy will recieve more damage.

>Practice and practice until you familiar with the map, so your every cast of steel cable will be successfully launched.

>Always watch the gameplays of the pro fanny user like Z4pnu, Yassue, Zxuan, etc.

Disclaimer: Gameplay ko po yung guide...☺

Hope this guide really helps.

~admin RéķůśU