FANTASIAN, a 150-level Diorama Adventure

Hironobu Sakaguchi Final Fantasy‘s creator has created a new roleplaying game combining computer-generated characters with physical, handcrafted dioramas.


Named Fantasian, the new RPG is developed by Japan’s famed Mistwalker, a studio founded by Sakaguchi which went on to produce The Last Story as well as the Blue Dragon series. Tapping into the usual JRPG themes of fantasy, magic, and spell-casting, the new game features more than 150 different level designs handcrafted by artists within the “Tokusatsu” film industry, which encompasses titles such as Attack on Titan, Ultraman, and Godzilla.

Fantasian has interesting gameplay mechanics like a Dimengeon battle system that lets players send previously encountered enemies into a separate dimension to explore peacefully for a bit. Players can then initiate the Dimengeon battle and take on the enemies at once. One of the standout features of Fantasian has been the dioramas and more than 150 of these have been created for Fantasian. Watch the Fantasian gameplay features trailer below showcasing the Dimengeon battle system:

Unfortunately, there’s no release date just yet for Fantasian, but it’s due for an exclusive release on Apple Arcade. If you’d like to play Fantasian the moment it is out, you can get a reminder set on the App Store here.

Have you played Mistwalker’s games like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Terra Battle, or The Last Story yet and what are you expecting from Fantasian?