Fantasian Part 2 Is Coming on the 13th of August

The second part of Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi's Apple Arcade RPG, Fantasian, is almost upon us, with developer Mistwalker announcing today it would release this Friday, August 13.


These days, the JRPG genre is highly popular. It might be tough to separate out amongst veteran brands such as Final Fantasy, Persona, and Dragon Quest. Hironobu Sakaguchi, the developer of the original Final Fantasy, sought to accomplish precisely that earlier this year with Fantasian, his fresh twist on the JRPG genre. The publication date for Part 2 of the narrative has been disclosed only a few months later.

According to the studio's statement, the second half of Fantasian would be more "quest-driven" than the first. Mistwalker estimates that it will take players 40 to 60 hours to complete, with Part 2 being around double the size of the first half. New features include the ability to swap party members in and out of battle and an expanded character Growth Map.

Fantasian is made up of roughly 160 handcrafted dioramas in total, around 50 of which are unique to Part 2. Nobuo Uematsu will also provide 34 new tunes to Part 2.


Sakaguchi's swan song in the gaming business may be Fantasian, since he has stated his desire to retire in the near future. With this in mind, he appears to want to go out on a high note. In contrast to the various story-driven parts in Part 1, Part 2 of the game intends to provide more "quest-driven" gameplay. This is good news for those who liked Fantasian's unique gameplay mechanics, which set it apart from other games in the genre.

Fantasian tells the narrative of a young guy named Leo who is searching for his father and finds himself traveling through dimensions while doing so, suffering from memory loss and meeting a variety of partners and friends along the way. Its "Dimengeon Battle" feature lets you to save enemy encounters when you face them in the real world, then battle them all at once in another dimension for larger rewards.

The Dimengeon Battles are one of these unique elements. This function allows players to avoid creatures in the real world and store them in an alternative reality to battle at the same time. This not only eliminates the random encounters that plague many games in the genre, but it also allows the player to earn even more prizes after killing these creatures in alternative dimension combat.


In addition, the game has a distinct graphic style that uses genuine dioramas to help create a distinct visual backdrop for the game's universe. The engineers were able to capture handmade dioramas of diverse locations before adding computer figures on top. Fantasian Part 2 adds 50 additional dioramas, bringing the total number of dioramas in the game to close to 160 for both volumes. The music by composing great Nobuo Uematsu adds to the outstanding graphics for a mobile game. He's back with additional 34 pieces of original music to complement Part 2 after writing the soundtrack for Part 1.

Part 1 of Fantasian is available now on iOS devices through Apple Arcade with Part 2 coming on August 13.