Farlight 84 February Update: Jet Slide, Skills and Map Adjustments, Trail Effects Optimization, and Matchmaking Improvement

The Farlight 84 February 2024 update introduced its newest feature, Jetslide, and addressed a few player feedback issues to optimize and improve the overall gaming experience, including weapon aiming and hero design.


Farlight 84 version 2.0 massive update caused a massive discussion within the community following the drastic removal of its jetpack, causing significant changes in the game. As an alternative, the developers introduced the "JetSlide."

As the name suggests, this new feature allows the characters to utilize JetPack for sliding to enhance the movement speed and bring back the signature snappiness of Farlight 84.

Jetpack-related issues arise in the newest map, Sunder Realms, causing players to spam jump in order to survive in the open field. To address this issue, the developers added several terrains and ziplines to the map. This will help players in any kind of combat situation in the open area.

Additionally, the February update enhanced the visibility of Jetpack trails, elevating the value of trail effects, especially for those players who love to collect them, as well as bringing back the aesthetics of trail effects during team fights.

The removal of Jetpacks caused the developers to do intensive hero reworks and skill adjustments, like Absolute Gravity, EMP Shock, and Vision Erosion, which turned out to be overpowered to counter.

To address this player feedback, the developers are adjusting the range and warning mechanisms of these skills to balance out the abilities of the characters and also to be counterable enough on the battlefield.

The introduction of a new map and trio mode significantly affects the queuing time and a decline in match quality, resulting in a higher number of bots in the game. To resolve this problem, the developers are temporarily closing maps and modes with low-participating players for rework.

Farlight 84 reached its lowest rating in the Play Store with a 1.4 star rating, indicating the disappointments of the players with the Jetpack removal, and this update aims to address the concerns and introduce an innovative feature to keep the community engaged with the game.

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