Farlight 84 is set to be launched in 2022 with a closed beta test commencing on June 15

The award-winning mobile games studio who's behind the game titles such as AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms, and Warpah, Lilith Games, recently announced new details for their upcoming Unreal Engine 4 PvP third-person shooter, Farlight 84.


HUNT, the main game mode of Farlight 84, will have up to 48 players participating in this mode. The players will be divided into teams and each team has a marked target that can be “hunted” by the rival players. Once teams have garnered enough points, they can “evacuate” the map once the evacuation site shows itself and be the winner or they could stay longer and earn more rewards in the long run. HUNT’s map will be 1.2 km and consist of different points of interest. It will also feature monsters such as zombies that players could kill if not against another player.


“Set in 2084, Farlight 84 takes players to a chaotic wasteland world, where they’ll get to explore vibrant maps; discover a roster of stylistic characters bursting with personality; drive seven unique vehicles across three different classes with deadly offensive capabilities; pick up weapons equipped with incredible skills, including rifles and sci-fi inspired guns; and maneuver around the battlefield with one of eleven jetpacks.”


Farlight 84 will also have vehicles that will help players get from one point to another. But, some of the vehicles could be a weapon too, as some have a weapon equipped in it. The game currently features seven vehicles in three classes: ATV/SUV, Walkers, and Hover vehicles. For weapons, Farlight 84 will have both real and fictitious featured in the game.. Moreover, players will have 11 different jetpacks, each equipped with different styles and characteristics.

The game will have a bunch of playable heroes that have different characteristics and specialization. Though the whole set of heroes hasn’t been revealed, here are some of the heroes that we’ve seen such as Maggie the Pizza Delivery Girl, Vincent the Garbageman, and Rob the Duckseid.


Farlight 84 is set to be released in 2022 in iOS, Android, and PC. There will be a closed beta that will begin on June 15 that is available in countries such as France, Russia, Australia, Brazil, India, and Indonesia, with additional regions that will follow shortly after the second beta test that will start later this year.

“We’re excited for players to discover our innovative HUNT mode in Farlight 84, which provides an unprecedented experience for fans of the genre. Our game offers a thrilling take on the third-person shooter, with intuitive rules and fresh mechanics, which we can’t wait for players to discover early next year. While Lilith Games is known for our impeccable RPG and strategy games, we’ve taken our learned experience from these previous releases and built a world-class team to create an original feature-rich and premium-quality shooter,” Jiujan Jeremy Liu, Senior Technical Game Designer at Lilith Games, said in a press release.