Farlight 84 Unveils Revamped Sancton Mode with new Features

Farlight 84 is set to release a revamped version of Sancton Mode in early 2024. New features will be available, including a modified map. It is a mode where players are allowed to build, expand, and redesign their own place as much as they like. It is a great escape after a chaotic, thrilling, and yet exciting battle in the Wasteland, the battleground of Farlight 84.


Sancton is a recreation mode in Farlight 84 that is perfect for entertainment and relaxation away from the chaotic battlefield. Contrary to what the game is about, which is shooting and battling one another, Sancton mode is where players can create, design, and expand their own private place. They can customize their own place with various items such as wall decorations, TVs, couches, tables, other types of furniture, and basic supplies used for decorating that can be obtained by completing the given tasks. In addition to the fun of this mode, players can actually invite their in-game friends to come over for a party or to hang out a little bit.

In addition to these fun features of Sancton, those trophies, unique items, and other collectibles that are acquired in the game can be displayed in the player’s place if they want to show them off to their visitors.

As per Ripgod, a community moderator of Farlight 84 on X, formerly known as Twitter, the estimated date of release is yet to be determined, and a possible delay is to be expected. There’s a chance that there will be additional features in the coming updates regarding the revamped Sancton mode, so stay tuned!