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Apr 22, 2019
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So eto na nga mga kuys, lam naman natin na ang farming ay important but WHEN is it important and WHO is the priority to farm, lets get started

1.Every roles importance in farming
2.Line Up
3.Why is it Important to Farm
4.When to kill Turtle and Lord

Lets start with Every roles importance in farming

So ill summarize every role on how they are used to farm effectively

Tank- tanks dont normally farm because they dont really need items and they dont have the right damage to farm fast but what they can do is to help other's farm, they are the ones that need to take all the damage and give the farmer their buff this is a thing called "leashing" helping someone to farm and give half the exp and buff to their ally

Assassin- assassins hold the most needed role to farm because they need their items and they have sufficient damage in order to kill buffs and other monsters, most assassins dont need any help in farming because they can kill it with ease anyways

Marksmans- same as assassins,marksman is also the top priority to farm but they need to be paired with a tank because even though they deal some damage, its not enough and they might get executed by the monsters, so its best to pair up with a tank until you're lvl 4

Mage-Mages are like marksmans, they can also kill the buff, if there is no assassin, mage can get one of the buff's

Fighter- Fighter is simply just like the mage they also need the buff but it depends on lineup if there is no marksman or assassin or mage

Support-same as tank, you can only help others to farm but unlike tanks, you dont need to soak up too much damage since you're very squishy, its best for the farmers to take the damage and support them with your skills instead

2.Line Up
So line up also matters when it comes to farming, ill explain common line ups


So in this line up marksman and assassin is in one team so the farming technique here is to give the assassin the left buff (the one that has a baby) and also the crabs(normal jungle monster is optional), while the marksman kills the right buff and the normal monsters
The 2 fighters farm the normal jungle monster near them and the crab if assassin didnt get it
Tank helps the marksman to farm


So this line up has no assassin which now makes the marksman the damage dealer, marksman can kill all the normal monsters and only one buff while the mage kills the other buff
One tank helps the marksman to farm
The fighter farms normally
And the other tank helps the mage in the lane

There are more lineups but i think you already got it

3.Why is it Important to Farm?
Farming is very important because this is the 2nd thing to do to increase exp and gold, it helps the hero to get stronger and outlevel and outbuild the enemy, after you killed the minions its also time to farm for additional exp and gold

4.When to kill Lord and Turtle

Lets start with Turtle
For example, Turtle is in between top and mid you need to kil the enemies that are in top or mid, what pro's do is that after they've killed their lane enemy,they gank and help the other lane in order to kill turtle
For lord you need to kill 3-5 enemies to kill lord,but tank or fighter needs to guard while their allies are killing lord so that they dont get stealed

Thats it for the #MLTLG_FarmingGuideForEveryRole like it?leave a nice comment down below

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